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How would you get into the business?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by kl0an, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. kl0an

    kl0an Senior Member
    Messages: 215

    I have a really good line on a dumptruck, ole 75 International in really good shape, options include a trailer and a front-end loader if I chose to spend an extra $12-15K. I also have a really good line on a 76 Chevy plow truck, completely rebuilt over the last three years, looks almost new and I'd eat my lunch off the engine.

    I was thinking I'd get one piece of equipment, fix whatever needs work this Summer and Fall, then run it a full season, pay it off as well as my own wages, then maybe buy another piece of equipment the next year.

    If you had the choice, which way would you go??

    Dumptrucks lease out at about $65/hr while plow trucks gor for $40-50/hr workin for someone else. Front End Loaders lease at $95/hr.

    I know if I had the loader and the truck, I could plow and haul but, it's a lot more outlay of startup money.

    Any suggestions??

    Paul Jordan
  2. Tony Bonventre

    Tony Bonventre Sponsor
    Messages: 89

    depends on how much work you will get, If there is more demand for a plow truck than get the PU. If there is more demand for hauling in your market then get the dump, loader package.