how well does fluidfilm hold up to underbody washing

Discussion in 'Eureka Fluid Film' started by Boosted Thrills, Feb 27, 2015.

  1. dieselplw

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    I've been using fluid film for years as undercoating on plow trucks. I still have rust. It makes everything extremely dirty and slimy. Everything sticks to it. Always wash the trucks after every time they go out. It is a pain to work on something after it has this stuff on it. It really is tough to say if this stuff works or not as a rust preventative. It seems to work better as a lubricant
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  2. Joneill

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    I just ordered a gallon and spray gun and gonna give it a try on the truck, plow and boat trailers for the winter.
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    Aluminum has been used for over a decade on Ford Explorers and other SUVs. Just because it is aluminum doesn't mean it will not corrode. Google search Ford aluminum corrosion. Now every time you see an explorer thats more than a few years old, look at the front of the hood and the rear hatch.
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    Boycott aluminum trucks .
    Request American steel.

    Your country mey depend on it.
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    I got mine today and sprayed the easy spots on the truck, hope it stays on for a while. It does have a strong smell, lol
  6. Joneill

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    Plowed with the truck over the weekend and washed it Wednesday and FF seems to be looking great still, I'm very happy.
  7. john r

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    I doesnt work for me. Rust under the truck. I had better results with spraying used engine oil under my truck. I only use it to spray the engine compartment. But it attracts dirt like a magnet. BTW dont use it on ANY rubber items
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  8. EurekaJC

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    Hello John,

    If there is existing rust on the truck Fluid Film will soak into it and penetrate to the base to cut it off. I'm sorry to hear you were unhappy with our product. I'm curious about the frequency of washing and what type of washing you do as it can affect the life of the product.

    We recommend rinsing with water as some undercoating washes with detergent or heated pressure washers can break down the product quicker. the Fluid Film should also work as a release agent making whatever dirt gets stuck to it easier to wash off with water.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to ask
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    Fluid film is great! Use it all the time. I need to buy a gallon and a spray gun to do my truck underside this season.
  10. EurekaJC

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    Even once the snow is melting, the salt and brine are on the roads. it is splashed onto the frame even throughout spring when things warm up.
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    im spraying it on certian parts on my plow
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    What detergent do you recommend? Since I don't have a heated pressure washer- just a regular power washer.