How we managed this event.


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This is our first year with a ground temp measuring device. I bought a used one off our local town, as they upgraded to a mirror mounted unit on their pick up.
Well anyway, like Alan had pointed out in another thread that with the warm pavement temps, and marginal air temps, it wouldnt take much salt to melt whatever accumulated.
However since we getting a mix of rain and snow, I didnt just want to apply salt, and have it dilute before grounds temps were at 31 or below.
I choose 31 degrees because 32 I believe is actually the melting point not the freezing point like most people think.
Well anyway, just like usual you need to be on site to make any decisions, so I awoke at 3 am. Now even tho pavement temps were fairly warm, having a cold rain and or snow fall on them will lower the temps pretty quick. So I drove to our furthest north and west account, and when I got there the ground was right about at 32 degrees, the sleet was accumlating on the shoulder of the highway on my way up, so I knew it was close to point where we would need to apply.
However my account has a south facing roadway so the temps were slightly higher about 34 degrees.
However since this account is a ways from my other accounts, I applied anyway, then drove to my other accounts closer to home.
By this time all temps were close to 31 degrees, so I applied salt to all of them and went back home for some sleep.
I was awakened at 7.30 am by my daughter and it was snowing pretty good. The road in front of my house was covered in slush, about 3/4" or so. I got dressed and revisted my accounts again, the salt was working great, road in front of account was slush covered, but my account was black and wet, even tho pavement temps were down to 28 degrees.
So even tho the temp gun is new, what it does is just reinforce and confirm what i was already thinking. The area where we saved money and time, was that the competition waited till snow and slush had accumulated before appllying material, whereas I basically treated right before the accumulation could start, thus forming that brine that kept the snow from sticking.
In all it was very easy to do, since we had the warm grounds to begin with. But if I had applied when precip first started, it would have diluted the salt to the point where a second app would have been needed. So the temp gun worked great for that.
So while some need to drop their plows then apply deicers, we hit the accounts at the right time, and saved the labor of scraping first.
Tom If you have other detials you want me to clarify, just ask. I hope I covered what you wanted.

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Didn't believer it till I trieded.

Now i am a believer in salt.

I also have a ground temp measuring device. However mine is a thermomerter you aim at something, and you get a temp.

works well for me


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Very intereesting stuff!

Thanks Dino.

WE were boderline here, and I knew it was warming quick. If it had happened 3 hrs earlier it may have been different, but nobody spread anything here. The snow quit by 9 am and turned to rain.

The temp gauge would've taken a little of the guess work and worry out of my morning!

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Thanks for the information Dino. Learning from others is what makes this place so great. Just out of curiosity, were you using straight salt, salt/sand, or Magic?

Thanks again!:cool:


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