How was this storm for everyone?


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How was everyones storm? How much u get? Any problems? Funny stories?

I had a good day 3in (not enough) of light stuff. Nothing broke (little problem starting the tractor), Nice storm overall

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Nova Scotia
Here we got about 10" down, weren't supposed to get more then 2-3, winds up, the weather people just revised their forcast to a heavy snowfall warning an hour ago. Going to bed it's going to be a long nite.



Fri. a.m. Rain turning into ice. Salted half the route.

Fri. p.m. Snow showers accumulating over an inch by afternoon rush hour. Did sidewalks and salted lots at stores with evening hours.

Sat. a.m. Plowed and salted complete route, 2-3 inches.

Sat.p.m. Forecast for an inch overnight. Again, salted and did walks at shops open Sat. night.

Sun. a.m. Woke up to 7-8" of fresh white stuff. Plowed and salted the entire route. Did a few one time plows.

Sun. p.m. REST

The damage- One fried control box for electric salter. Was able to "hot wire" it to complete the route.

One travel mug was found to have a defective lid. Found this out the hard way.

Thought of a few new items for the "been in the truck too long thread".


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forecast for 3"-5" got about 8". had one vechile give minor promblems all day. snow blower rope broke-left it run . all and all was'nt bad day.



I only did 2 lots in the city,everyone else knew "All that snow " would melt before noon.came home worked on my plow and now "I CAN'T KEEP IT UP"

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This was a heavy wet snow of 6-7" here in SE PA. It rained all day Saturday and then changed to wet snow Sat. nite and got real cold. Didn't get really snowing until 2AM Sun. Stopped around 6AM. I was out a 5 AM and it was a sheet of ice under the 7" of semi heavy snow. Traction was a problem until 10AM. Also this snow stuck like glue to the plow (BOSS) Even shaking the wings didn't free it. Had to shovel off 200lbs of snow a few times from the blade! Never had this happen before. I guess it was wet underneath and a cold blade = bad combination! I will try to clean and wax it next time. All in all though, a good weekend snow!


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Sunday - zip, nada, goose egg.

Went to granddaughter's birthday party.

Maybe next time.



Pretty heavy wet snow here too, only 3" though. Finished up some of our commercials today(closed all weekend) with salt and minor plowing. All in all easy easy storm not much $$$$$$$$$$ though. Md is cursed we always miss the BIG one!!!!! Makes me frustrated.


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Phila, Burbs
I'll third that. Very heavy & slippery underneath, but it was also a very good day. Started our first job around 3am and finished up around 1:00pm. Slept for a few hours and went back out to clean up the first few. Now for the invoice party!! I love this part!!


I actually thought about going swimming (indoors of course).
In Kansas nothing, but nothing new.

SlimJim Z71 did you get any snow?

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Central CT
Originally posted by mdb landscaping
10 inches in glastonbury ct. nice fluffy snow to plow.

This storm was a big fizzle.

Five miles west of mdb we got maybe 4 inches (10 in a drift).

I awoke at 5am expecting the big blizzard and it just started snowing, snowed like heck til around 10 then it stops suddenly and the sun comes out. But hey got 12 hours in.

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Got 8.5 inchs here .First time out with new dodge dwr dump, plowed in 2wd drive 98% of the time ( the gmc that i had would cry and spin at 3"). Could not beleive how much better this truck plows better than than the gmc. The gmc was better on gas though.

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We got anywhere from 8-12" depending on location. Most lots/drives were no problem. A couple had snow that was deeper, and MUCH heavier, but not wet. Kept liftin the blade up due to the snofoil. From 7am till noon was comin down at 1"/hr +. First real storm in years.


Like that Dodge eh? Wish I had a plow on mine this storm. The Ford was a little light, bugt still did well.


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Nice small storm

I did great during the storm. 12 driveways total, earned around $300. The snow wasn't much of a problem for the snowblowers, except when i was doing a sidewalk, the plow had plowed up a chunk of road, and i hit it. went home, took the of shear pin out and put a bolt in. I'm getting a new shear pin today. The snapper handled the 6" great, i used the ariens.My dad used the snapper on a driveway across the street where he had to get in-between cars.

While doing one driveway on a street, two people came out and asked if i could so their driveway. Now when it snows i have about 8 people who call me on storms over 2", after yesterday i have about 10.




Stamford, CT
Got a little freezing rain and sleet in Stamford on Saturday and 6" to 7 inches of snow on top of that overnight into Sunday morning.

Came down real heavy between 3:00 am and 5:00 am., and had to pull over and keep cleaning the ice/snow buildup from the windshield and wipers.

Finally got to use magic on our lots, worked great... Lots were black and wet this morning ( temps. between 12 and 18 degrees at 7:00 am) for the most part. Only problem areas were where cars never moved and the plows couldn't properly do ther job... But since this is a hospital, we realize we are never gonna have totally empty lots any time orf the day or night...

We do what we cna do, the best way we can do it!

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