How was everyones day?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by columbiaplower, Jan 16, 2001.

  1. columbiaplower

    columbiaplower Senior Member
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    No snow here. oil change on truck and other stuff. What about u all any snow ?
  2. neighborguy

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    Only partly cloudy here. Been that way for the last week or so. I've been catching up on tons of "housework". Getting tired of no snow!! No snow equals no income. This months bills were paid all right, but getting nervous about next month. High point of the week looks like it is going to be hitting Chicago for the Mid-Am.
  3. Mark Oomkes

    Mark Oomkes PlowSite Fanatic
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    I'm ready for another month like December.
  4. sam c

    sam c Member
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    21hrs behind the wheel of my oshkosh! now a good nights sleep so my brain and body will function to make repairs tomorrow. NOT A BAD DAY !
  5. Iceman

    Iceman Member
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    Got all the maintance work done. Trucks are fueled and ready. Just waiting for the snow.
    And its been along wait. Hasn't snowed here in two weeks. I think we got Janurary's snow in December.
    Calling for (light) snow tonight. Yeah right. You watch, we'll get dumped on for sure.
    And I'll be ready.
  6. Yardworks

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    I had a great relief. I thought I torched my 425 JD Hydro yesterday. I was snowblowing a long stretch of sidewalk that was buried from a city plow. It was wet and heavy to boot. Towards the end of the sidewalk tractor lost power and smelt severe burning or hot smell. Engine temp was fine so I thought it might be the PTO and hydro. Just barely got it back on the trailer. Left it there and finished up with the rest of my work. Thought about it all day as I was plowing. This morning started to check into it. Smelt the hydraulic oil. Didn't smell burnt. Engine oil looked good. Changed oil just for the hell of it. Oils cheap. Took the plugs out. One of them was completely missing electrode. I thought, can I be this lucky. Put a new plug in and it ran like a champ. Took it out for a little test work today and everything seems fine. Knock on wood. It's nice to dodge a bullet every once in a while.

    from ohio
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    replaced some u joints, everything ready, did a teensy bit -o-salting

    run off freezing at dusk
    nice and casual day
  8. Dusty

    Dusty Member
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    A beautiful day here in N.E. CT (on the MA border). Hope that we don't have snow for a few days. Digging the foundation for my new garage in the morning and pouring the concrete by Friday (or I hope).
  9. DanG

    DanG Senior Member
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    Very slow here, not enough going on to make any money plowing /salting.
    Started working on mowers and cleaning out the garage.

    They're saying maybe snow and sleet for thursday-sat here,

    I hope we get something, I'm tired of doing house work : )
  10. thelawnguy

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    Replaced the water heater yesterday. Also had to run a new 30A circuit-boy those big 100A lugs inside the box are scary, esp when you dont do that stuff every day :eek:

    Tomorrow the power co. is going to install a heat pump water heater to connect to my new 80 gal tank- all I pay is the installer his $150 fee, if I dont like it they will remove it no charge, if I like its mine to keep.

    Printed out my 2001 lawn contracts, they will go in the mail next week to be returned by 3/1 or its SOL.

    I have 2 cracks in the foundation which leak water during heavy rain, one is into the ash pit in the chimney the other is where the addition foundation meets the main house-they just butted the wall, and it seeps. Anyone with any ideas short of excavating from the outside (this will be my project next week if the weather is reasonable).

    Gave up on vinyl siding the house-wasted close to a square on the dormer due to cracking in the cold, so now the house is 2-tone until it warms up sufficiently but at least I got the metalwork all done while I had the brake.

    See, I dont need no stinkin snow to have fun!
  11. plowguy06

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    from Ohio
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    hardly any snow here, nothing for anyone to plow. havent seen a city salt truck in days and they're always out.
  12. Mike Nelson

    Mike Nelson Senior Member
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    If we clean the windows and the interior of the equipment one more time!!Weather fax just came,maybe see something thursday night and friday.Stay tuned
  13. Big Nate's Plowing

    Big Nate's Plowing Addict
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    just keeping buisy

    Nothing much here, I tuned the carbs on the snowblowers and started building my new website, thats about it.

    oh yea, and alot of sleeping :eek: