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How to wire lightbar?

Discussion in 'Strobe Lighting' started by mortician79, Nov 12, 2013.

  1. Good day!

    I have a magnetic mount Grote 17" Low Profile LED Mini Lightbar with a cig plug. (http://www.grote.com/product.php?product_number=76983)

    I also have a 2011 Dodge Ram 2500 HEMI Crew Cab with plow prep package. I have been plowing for a few years with the current set up, but I want it to be wired in.

    I have a BackRack and I purchased their swing away mount (91002RECF).

    My question is, how do I change the plug over and wire it in, does my truck have the wiring behind the third brake light and where is the place to mount a switch?

    Thanks for your help!

  2. dieselss

    dieselss PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 11,389

    well you can cut the cig plug off but note which wire is pos and which is neg.
    you can either a) run a wire directly off the pos batt terminal into the cab, fuse it, and go into the switch then out of the switch to the light. don't forget to gnd the wire for the light.
    b) tap into an ign hot wire fuse it and do the same as above.
    im not sure about the "wiring" behind the 3rd brake light, but they have to get it to work somehow and there should be wiring behind there anyway
    im not sure about your switch, but look for a good place to mount it, and then look behind the dash pieces to see if anything will get damaged by drilling holes and installing screws
  3. Okay. A buddy wired it up using the cargo light by the third brake light. We removed the bulbs. Only issue when I unlocked the doors my lightbar acts like it is my cargo light and comes on until I turn the ignition on. Does anyone know how to stop the "cargo light" from coming on with the door unlocking?
  4. rammanriley

    rammanriley Junior Member
    Messages: 19

    Yes, Wire it to a switch. Run fused wire from the pos battery cable into the cab to a switch then too the light. Easiest way to do it.
  5. Ram 08

    Ram 08 Member
    Messages: 53

    On my 08 the Illuminated Entry System will turn off if you move the dimmer switch all the way to the downward position. Might want to try that.
  6. Mr.Plow King

    Mr.Plow King Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    Did your cig plug have a switch for changing the pattern? When you cut it off how many wires were there? I have the same lightbar but its the permanent mount, it needs four switches to activate all the functions, an SPST switch for the main power, low power and pattern override and a momentary switch for scan lock. As others said your best bet would be to run it from your battery to a switch in the cab.