how to start a plowing company???


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:confused: My uncle would like to help some of the elderly by plowing their driveway, as well as a few other families looking to have someone plow their driveway. I'd like to somehow start it into a realistic cash building company. He has purchased a vehicle and plow for about $3,000 to $5,000. He has 3 elderly people that he is charging almost nothing to plow and 7 people willing to pay. I am worried about how much he should be charging. Is it a good idea to do it as a "subscription-like" contract? If so should it be like $100, $150, or $200 for about 10-15 snowfalls (for normal sized driveways)?




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You don't say where you're from, but in my area, the contractors pay their subs $65/hr for a pickup with an eight foot blade. You should do quite a bit better than that on your own driveway route. I charge by the push with my customers, as do most residential providers around here, the best thing to do is check what the competition is doing to get a feel for it. If you provide dependable service, people will seek you out.

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Hello Brian, welcome to the forum.

I personally like the idea of the subsciption:
$200 for the 1st 15 plows, whether used or not.
After 15, they pay "x" amount for each push.


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I can see plowing elderly for a reduced price. I still do my neighbor for what I charged her to shovel it when I was 10. Easy drive though. However if you only charge and plow these types you will lose money the first time that truck or plow breaks down. If he is just doing it to be nice and has money to burn then ok. If you want to make money better charge higher prices or mix in some other driveways to make money.

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