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The installation of driveway markers has evolved quite a bit since we first started over ten years ago. Way back in prehistoric times, when snow plow contractors used wood stakes, they would load up a wheelbarrow, grab a sledge hammer, and waste a whole day installing snow stakes on a medium sized property. Then came fiberglass driveway markers and contractors just had to tap them in with a hammer.
But… knowing snow plow guys like we do, we know, that wasn't going to be easy enough. So we had to invent a snow stake install tool. This actually added a step, but overall made it a quicker installation process and actually allowed you to get the stakes to install straight up.
Now, we have taken it a step further creating the Shark Tooth Drill Bit driveway marker install tool. Really fast and easy process, just drill into any kind of soil, even concrete, and you have a hole to place the snow stakes in. You don't even really have to hammer the poles down any more if you drill 10″ plus. The main benefit of the drill bit installer is the ability to drill into frozen ground. This allows all you procrastinators to install your snow stakes later int he season.
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