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How to do a driveway like this?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself to the Community' started by 7.3 Plower, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. 7.3 Plower

    7.3 Plower Senior Member
    Messages: 221

    There are a lot of driveways around here that look somewhat like this.


    As you can see the driveway leads right up to the garage and there are bushes near the end of the driveway. How would you clear this and where would you put the snow? I realize you could always use a snowblower, but that is pretty time consuming.

    I'd like to do it without plowing across the street since it's illegal and they enforce it here.

    Edit: It would be using a Fisher 8' straight blade for a plow.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
  2. nekos

    nekos Senior Member
    Messages: 586

    back drag into the street then move the snow to the other side of the bushes.
  3. sechracer

    sechracer Senior Member
    Messages: 478

    I would Stack snow in one of the white spots. Just back drag from the garage and stack.... too close to the road and they might not be able to see around the pile for traffic.

  4. KGRlandscapeing

    KGRlandscapeing 2000 Club Member
    Messages: 2,660

    Umm If they cared about seeing the street when they pulld out they wouldnt of put bushs there. Drag it out put it on the other side of the bush ull never get the driveway clean enough pushing it off towards the neighbors it will just keep spilling off. And i also assume that u have a 250 or 2500 at least not a whole lot of manuverablittly
  5. 7.3 Plower

    7.3 Plower Senior Member
    Messages: 221

    The bushes are low to the ground. You can see over them, but they are probably 7 feet wide or so.

    I'll be using an 01 F350 DRW with dumping flatbed and 8' fisher blade if all goes as planned this coming week.
  6. matts27

    matts27 Senior Member
    from CT
    Messages: 138

  7. Steve G.

    Steve G. Senior Member
    Messages: 155

  8. kashman

    kashman PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,070

    pull it out 2 the street now you have a pile in the street. come at the pile from the right side with the blade strait push it past the drive and move your blade right and hit the gas. should take all of 2 min for that drive
  9. ABES

    ABES PlowSite.com Addict
    from MN
    Messages: 1,322

    I would backdrag it into the road then pile it on the side of the bushes.
  10. qualitycut

    qualitycut PlowSite Fanatic
    Messages: 24,231

    I would do the same.
  11. Brant'sLawnCare

    Brant'sLawnCare PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,756

    I would backdrag it from the garage, then start at the bottom and windrow it to the left, and pile it between the bushes. We plow a few houses like that, and that is what we do. Or you could pull it out into the road, but the city may not like that.
  12. Kenyou

    Kenyou Senior Member
    Messages: 375

    Hi Plower. Welcome to Plow Site.
    I can't say it enough that you have to push that snow as far back as possible to make room for the next snow storm and the many that come after that. Check and see how far back you can go and get it back there, because once it freezes, you are screwed. Of course if you can guarantee that you won't get much snow where you are at, it May not be a problem. Good Luck.
  13. Captain

    Captain Senior Member
    Messages: 101

    That's exactly how I would do it as well. Just lift the blade an inch on the grass.
  14. Lencodude

    Lencodude Senior Member
    Messages: 128

    I would backdrag it on the road and pile it infront of the house along the street on their property, that will give you alot more room to play with. Only use the area inside of the driveway as a last resort if you get too much snow this season. Sometime you will have to use your plow to break through the city plows windrow infront of the house to get access to pile your snow.
  15. 7.3 Plower

    7.3 Plower Senior Member
    Messages: 221

    I figured since I already have a thread that people are looking at I might as well ask another question.

    How does everyone keep their wipers from getting iced up?

    Whenever I'm with dad in his 06 F350 his wipers always freeze during snow. It stays outside all the time though and the new plow will stay inside. I can't help but think the new truck will have its wipers freeze up as well and once they freeze they're really hard to get unfrozen. Does anyone know of a type of wiper that won't freeze up as much or if there's a de-icer you can put in the windshield washer fluid reservoir and just spray the windshield and once it gets on the wipers it'll melt em?

    Thanks in advance.
  16. WingPlow

    WingPlow Senior Member
    Messages: 634

    why would you go to all the trouble and time to back blade it all out of the driveway just to pile it along side the road ???

    make a couple passes in from the street angled off to the left push it onto the lawn...backblade the little you've got left in front of the garage and shove that onto the lawn and ....see ya later

    pluws the town/city will be happy you didnt mess up there road
  17. 7.3 Plower

    7.3 Plower Senior Member
    Messages: 221

    I'm trying to avoid being on the road whenever possible.

    I'll probably end up trying the method of pushing to the left of the driveway and if I accumulate too much there I can go out with a Ford 2120 tractor that has a loader frame and just push back all the piles and stack them way up.
  18. 4x4Farmer

    4x4Farmer Senior Member
    Messages: 953

    well heres what I would do if they will let you drive on the grass!


    heres what I would do if it was my house! lol



  19. Mick

    Mick PlowSite.com Veteran
    from Maine
    Messages: 5,546


    Icy wipers - I got a pair of winter wipers. They're more expensive, but worth it.
  20. Runner

    Runner Senior Member
    Messages: 957

    Thanks! I just about spit out my pop all over my computer screen! :D