How to charge for an underated snow storm

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On christmas day, the weathermen where calling for 12-16"of snow, with snow coming down 2-3a' an hour. I bill out in 8" intervals. Which means I did everybody twice. Unfortunately the weathermen where a little off we got 8". I charged everybody for two billings and had no complaints. The other night I was plowing and was chewed out by two people for coming twice for the last snow storm. I know both of them are cheap, but should I have billed twice for this particular strom?


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Good question. This storm (1/3) they forecasted 1'-2' of snow and my contract states "Snowfall forecasted to exceed 10”...may require multiple plowings; you will be charged each time.". I began plowing at 4" (nomal for a forecasted storm like this one) and we only ended up with 10".

I certainly plan on billing for 2 pushes since I showed up at all properties 2 times. The second time through on some of them I only pushed piles back, widened the drive and opend up the apron more (because only an additional inch accumulated) but I certainly cannot predict the weather if the weathermen cannot. I included the word "forecasted" in my contract specifically for an event such as this one. I'll be supriised if I don't get some calls questioning this on next months invoice because most people never bother to read terms & conditions even though I encourage them to do so.


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We have to go by what they are forecasting. They were calling for a lot of snow and you plowed according to what they were saying you were going to get. It's not your fault that they were wrong. You were right to bill them twice, you did the work twice. If anyone complains tell them to take it up with the weather forecasters.

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I agree. Did the work twice, charge twice.

We have to make decisions based upon the information we are provided with (forecasts). To do otherwise would be to insinuate that we actually have some control over the circumstances.

I tell our customers..... "I'm not God - and I don't have a pipeline to Him.... for if I did, things would be much different".....

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