How to bill for large (1-2 ft.) storm for residential accounts


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For those of you who have worked in large storms with big accumulations, how did you bill your residential accounts ?
Did you make multiple trips to the home to remove the snow or did you just wait until the end of the storm ?
We currently use 30 inch snowblowers for our residential business so that we can do all walkways too.
If you charged $85 for a typical storm of 6-8 inches, how much would you charge for 1-2 feet ?


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Thats something that you need to work out with your customers beforehand. If you didnt, you probably should contact the customers & discuss this with them, Im sure under these circumstances everyone can come to a fair agreement. Good luck.....Or you could just bill what you think is fair.


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Most of our residentials are an annual contract price. I would probably visit them a couple times during the storm just to save wear on the trucks, but the billing is a non issue on these. The "slush" factor is figured into the total from the start.

The rest of mine are per plow, and they know exactly what that means. If I do them three times during a long storm, they expect three billings for the storm. If there is no reason to plow it that often, like if its a 10 pm to 5 am snow, and I think my truck will push it all at once, then it is up to me to make that decision.

Very seldom do we get in trouble for doing our work too well, we would more likely get complaints for waiting too long to plow them I think.


All of our accounts have a predetermined trigger depth, when the snow reaches that depth we start plowing. If we have to go back X number of times they get cherged every time. Because we get lake effect and it sometimes accumulates at the rate of 1-2" an hour there is no way to keep up, so we have a clause that says the price is good for 8" after that the charge will be prorated according to the extra amount of time it takes. We charge 25-50-75-100% of what the cost is. Example we get 12" of snow, we normaly charge 25% more. We get 15" of snow we charge 50% more and so on. When they question our extra charges we tell them that it is in the contract and that we could have plowed it every time it reached the trigger depth and the charge would have been a lot more.
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