How open is salt spreader gate?


I have my gate open about 2" on my v box, this lets me travel about 20 miles an hour for general rock salt. Is this in line with your salter anyone?

SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
I'm not too sure how this will compare to your V-box, but I have my Pro Flo 2 on the 3rd screw up. I think the opening is about 2-3inches coming off the belt. Seems to be perfect.



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On my gas powered v box the gate is open 1"
On the smith about 2" because the apron chain runs slower. Actually leaving right now, to presalt in case of flash freeze due to cold road temps and rain/sleet coming in one hour.

Alan Addict
Our gas drive Vee box REALLY puts out material. I have found (only one use so far) that I have the gate shut as far as possible, maybe a 1" gap, and I am running just above idle unless it's a wide open lot where I can sling the material quite a ways without salting the lawn.

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