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How Often Do You Use 4x4?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by FuturePilot4u, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. FuturePilot4u

    FuturePilot4u Member
    Messages: 72

    I can plow very easily in 2x4 up to 5-6 inches before i need 4x4.

    2500HD pick up ext. cab with just over 1000 pounds of salt in the bed.

    The rear locker on my truck helps it a HUGE amount too when in 2x4!!!
  2. snowdance

    snowdance Junior Member
    from Ontario
    Messages: 28

    I don't have a plow on my truck, but I would only use it if I had to.

    NICHOLS LANDSCA PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,362

    This subject has been beaten like a dead horse, and I don't know how or why anyone that has 4wd would bother trying to plow in 2wd. I've tried after all the guys on here say they do it all the time maybe it's the kind/consistency of the snow or something:confused:
  4. FuturePilot4u

    FuturePilot4u Member
    Messages: 72

    lets beat it some more baby!!! lol :D i have yet to touch 4x4, cuz 2x4 has no troubles at all!!!

    2x4 saves lottttaaaa money for me!!!! payup
  5. SharpBlades

    SharpBlades Senior Member
    Messages: 366

    I run 245 75r16 Skinny tires on the 3/4 tons with around 800-1400 pounds in the back (depending on how much salt is left) and have very little use for 4x4 with events less than 10 inches of dry powder or 5 inches of wet stuff. The half ton runs with 285 75r16 fat boys underneath and 800 lbs in the back and needs 4x4 with anything more than a dusting.

    I think that weight and tire width have a lot to do with weather you can plow in two wheel drive.
  6. sectlandscaping

    sectlandscaping Senior Member
    Messages: 315

    I run a dually mason dump with a ton of salt and spreader in the back with skinny tires. I just lock the hubs and only put it in 4wd if I start slipping. I havent had to put it in 4x4 yet. I drove through 8"+. The 3/4 ton without the spreader does need it in deeper snow. It does have around 500lbs of salt in the back for walks.
  7. Antlerart06

    Antlerart06 PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,437

    I run 75% time in 2wd I have rear end lock in my 99 F350 5 speed flatbed dually Only lock in 4wd if I need to stack the snow and pushing up windrows in big lots
    When I spread salt I dont even lock rear end turn easier unlock
  8. StratfordPusher

    StratfordPusher Senior Member
    Messages: 960


    Heck I drive mine all summer long in 4wd...... lol.....

    summerSnowplow-fixed-LTS (2).jpg
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2012
  9. Red_Rattler

    Red_Rattler Senior Member
    Messages: 201

    That picture has a lot of truth in it... and yes depends on the tire and snow type. Depending on the truck some dually dump with salt is a monster, 2wd only... 3/4 chevs i run need 4x4 more then not unless its a tight lot then you make 2wd work to prevent binding. Theres no right answer though, you'll know when you need it and when you dont
  10. dixiejwo

    dixiejwo Junior Member
    Messages: 12


    Come North about an hour to Chardon...we can't even get to the job without hitting 4wd!

    Seriously the wet snow that comes off the lake is so slippery and so heavy that I'm usually in 4wd. We don't get a lot of that light powder unless it gets really, really cold.
  11. FuturePilot4u

    FuturePilot4u Member
    Messages: 72

    i am advertising farther north each year, it helps so much, so much more snow every little bit farther north!!!
  12. cubanb343

    cubanb343 Senior Member
    from ERIE
    Messages: 637

    I use it almost all the time while I'm out plowing. 2wd if the roads are clear

    BOSS LAWN Senior Member
    Messages: 497

    I keep my 4x4 on when its snowing and when the roads havent been done. Especially when they are icy.
  14. Banksy

    Banksy PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 3,113

    Use it when I need it...... Why is this always a topic?
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2012
  15. 496 BB

    496 BB Senior Member
    Messages: 789

    I never put it in 4wd.... its already there! NP203. Ive locked it in maybe twice when stacking but thats it....easier when its not all binding up.
  16. V_Scapes

    V_Scapes PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,072

    I keep my mason dump in 4x4 when i first get to the lots and open them up. once we get to doing cleanup i take it out of 4wd. i really should put more weight in the bed though.
  17. H&HPropertyMait

    H&HPropertyMait Senior Member
    Messages: 558

    why is this even a thread? when its winter, its snowy and slippery. use 4wd thats what its there for, when the roads dry up 2wd. seems pretty simple... the fuel you think you're saving by being in 2wd goes out the window when you're spinning your tires every pass. what a waste of time.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2012
  18. cubicinches

    cubicinches PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,415

    Lol... I agree.

    Saving fuel? Because 4WD trucks are really good on fuel... as long as they're not in 4WD? :laughing:

    I wouldn't bother trying to plow in 2WD... it's senseless. Whether I think the truck would do it or not is irrelevant.
  19. FuturePilot4u

    FuturePilot4u Member
    Messages: 72

    Mine plows so good in 2x4 there is zero use for
    4x4. N it does save a lot of fuel btw
  20. H&HPropertyMait

    H&HPropertyMait Senior Member
    Messages: 558

    Haha yeah, we're plow guys, we haul ass and suck gas. Can't do the first one in 2wd lol