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another guy i know phoned me tonight asking me if i new anyone who wanted to buy a 4 year old 7 1/2 steel fisher plow. how much would this go for? it's in pretty good shape. he was getting it put on his truck today and was told that he has a crack in his frame so they won't put the plow on the truck. what could be done about this?

Chuck Smith

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Is the truck an F-150, and is the crack on the right front side of the frame? I have been told this is a problem on the 150's, not sure why.

As far as what the plow is worth, I have found you get much better deals if you don't make an offer. Tough sometimes....
It may be better to offer a low price, and haggle from there. There are a lot of people that just want their old plow "gone" and will settle for much less than it's worth just to be rid of it.



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yr old 7.5' min mount would be in the 1000-1400$ range, if it is in good shape, and all wiring and control box os there.
If anything is missing, no more than a thousand.
People call around and ask how much for a new plow then take 500 off and try to sell theirs, but used plows are plentifull, and about 1/2 of the new price is about right.

Michael F

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Rochester, NY
Also when pricing make sure truck will fit truck, new framework/wiring harness will cost an extra $ 500.00., The first plow I bought was a used Fisher 8', by used I mean 3x, no paint was even chipped, I paid $ 1300 or $ 1400, I can't recall, but then we retrofitted lower framework, it was a conventional mount so wiring was not as hard.