How much to charge for shovelers

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by JML, Nov 19, 2000.

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    How much do you guys charge for shovelers? A lot of guys around here just plow and are looking to sub out shoveling and snow blowing work. How much do you get. Thanks for the input..

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    I plow in Central Illinois. I sub myself out to somebody with their own contracts. He pays me $45 an hour to plow, and $20 an hour to shovel. He has given up most of the shoveling work this year due to the time involved with the work (gotta get the lots clear). Hope this helps.
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    We charge around $30 and pay around $11,we use any where from 25 to 50 guy on a snow night.That price is only for a guy and shovel,blowers are more and tractors bring as much as pickups.Prices all are relevent to where you are and the employee base you have,we have a university that is a good place to get help.We hire alot through churches and youth groups and offer to give a dollar for every hour worked to the group, for trips and things they are planning.This is also good so that we don't get as many drunk collage student at 2 oclock on a saturday morn.
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    Now Digger, I've never been drunk while shoveling for you . . . except that one time I accidentally shoveled your Pastor's daughter . . . .oh never mind.
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    Nice, Dino thats a little rough delete this man.Storm you keep that up and the good Lord will make sure you don't get any snow.