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I am a new user to this board. I have found it very useful. I've been in landscape maintenance for 5 years and snow plowing for 1. I am wondering what amount of snow brings everyone out. I have been using a 1-2 inch basis for plowing commercial and 2-3 inch for residential. I also would like to know what you do if a commercial property does not want any de-icer used, just plowed.

I currently use a Hiniker V-plow with minimum use but no problems. I don't see too much talk about them. If anyone has anything to say (good or bad), let me know so I can keep my plow in top condition. Also, anybody have experience with Smith Spreaders. I am looking at a v-box in bed spreader with the electric instead of gas motor.

I would like to hear from your experiences on these topics.

Thanks Joe

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Welcome to the snowplow post.If you go back and look at past threads you will see some comments about Heniker plows,some of which i have made.I also have a Heniker v plow and am not happy with it.We also have 3 or 4 Heniker straight blades.Ask your Heniker dealer if he has a problem with the V plows bending or twisting.I can just about garuntee yours will twist if you get an average winter`s snow.Paint problems are another problem i have with earlier Heniker plows,But the biggest problem is the Heniker factory refuses to honor or do anything with these common problems with there plows.For those of u who are wondering the barbicue is over and now i dont have to hold my tongue on this problem.Call Dino at Extior Solutions at 860-859-0739 and he can give you info on the Smith spreader.
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I think your market has alot to do with "accumulation" or "trigger depth". In Erie, PA the streets don't get plowed until there is 4" on the ground, but in Baltimore they close school if there is snow in the forecast. You'll probably need to find out (and you might be able to do it here) what your market dictates.


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Joe: welcome aboard. If you read through the forum, you'll see that many of us like the Boss V's. (funny, right now there is an ad on tv for the Hiniker plows) In fact, I've got two older Myers that I'm going to trash for a coulpe of new Boss V's. Our trigger depths here in Iowa vary on the client, but we push for 1"; anything under the customer must call us for service.


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Welcome to the post. as far as plows go, my personal choice is Fisher, thats all I run. If you have more than one truck stay with one type of plow, this way you cut down on having to buy too many different spare parts.

I have used western and meyers as well as fisher and again in my opinion Fisher rules. I don't have any Vplows yet, but will soon.

As far as taking on commercial properties that don't want deicing material used, BE VERY,VERY,CAREFUL. Make sure you have a lawyer to do you contracts to protect you from slip and fall lawsuits. The customer should sign a release form stating that contractor has recommended use of deicing material , but that the owner has decided not to authorize its use.

if the property owner refuses to sign it, I personally would walk away from the job.

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All of our contracts have a line item that must be initialed, which clearly states who is responsible for salting the lot. We make the customer specifically state that they don't want us to salt at our discretion. It's the liability thing....

And, I'm a Boss man, myself.


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The electric smith spreader is the best out there. Stainless, and quiet. It is stone cold reliable. Gas engines hate cold weather, especially B&S. They electric just spins right over. It is also lighter than a mild steel spreader. I know guys who have units 15 yrs old, and then run like new. When I buy new it will be another smith.
As far as plows go, any v is better than a straight plow.
Mnay of our accounts we are out at first flake. We lay down a layer of magic salt, and then maintain the lots till the snow is over then clean up. We do several medical facilities, and their policy is black and wet all the time. No accumulation at all. We have had the account for 5 years and no complaints. New adiministrator this year, we have a meeting next week, we will see what happens.


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Mr. Allin,

We run 12 Boss' ourselves and I'm not about to switch. (Although Fishers would be our choice if I did.)

Question: Do you have any experience with Poly V's? We bought our 1st one this fall, (9.2V) curious if you had any.

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Skip the Mr. thing, will ya ? You're makin me feel old.

No poly's as of yet. Haven't heard anything bad about them yet - although, some of the people here have stated that the steel back up's tend to have some minor problems after a couple years (obviously, on other brands as the Boss Poly Vee hasn't been out long). Time will tell.

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