How much snow you guys get?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by ShortCuts, Mar 6, 2001.

  1. ShortCuts

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    Here in Durham NH we got 28 inches. Absolute nightmare! I don't plow so I see backache, not dollar signs, when it snows. I'm just curious how the rest of you guys in the Northeast did in terms of snowfall.

    oh........they are talking about another big one moving up the east coast on fri-sat.
  2. jrodgers

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    well lets see we got about 30 inches and if you subtract 29 from that it should be right around what we got here in South Jersey BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG DISAPOINTMENT for alot of guys here weather people around here didnt even come close. It started out there was going to be 1 to2 feet then they said oh well now it is going to be maybe a foot then they said well 6 to 12 then 4 to 6 then 2 to4 four and today they said 1 to 3 and it snowed some but didnt stick at all I am not counting on anything for this weekend.........
  3. John DiMartino

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    WE got 5-6 more today,so we are at 12" now and its still coming down,should let up soon.
  4. crash22201

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    Here in central new jersey there is a lot of disappointed
    plow guys even me. everyone was well ready for 2 feet of snow. every body got machines for (THE BIG ONE)here.
    nothin but a 1/2 inch here.
    I would not count on this weekend
    either. Until i see it.
  5. Ben W

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    The 6 pm. news said we had 11.2 inches but at my house we have about 16 inches.
  6. kutnkru

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    Off the hillsides we had 12-14in. and up there on the hilltops they had up to 28in.+ depending on wind conditions.

  7. HandyHaver

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    Well here in the burbs of "The City of Brotherly Love"
    (really, just watch the news) we got about an inch of slush and about an inch of powder. A very big bust considering all the hype. Not even going to watch the weather for this one coming in this week-end till I see flakes.

  8. oldmankent

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    Around 6" for now, but still blowing hard, and expecting a little more snow. Wet stuff. Bar Harbor that is.
  9. 75

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    Looks like it's all over now, in total we had around 12" where I am, which is about 90 miles north of Toronto Canada. Funny thing was, with all the hype about the east coast I don't recall much being said by our local weatherguessers regarding that foot of snow!
  10. litle green guy

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    We where supposed to get almost 3 feet and we ended up with almost 2 inches. It was the longest 2" storm I've ever seen. We got about an inch of snow then about 1/2" of ice then another inch of snow.
  11. OP

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    it's been snowing since I first posted this thread. It's just spitting now......thank god it's over. I went out with the yardstick about 1/2 hour ago, the updated total in durham........32 INCHES!
  12. 65hoss

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    I have already been fishing a couple of times this year. :D

    Sorry guys, I just could not resist.
  13. mdb landscaping

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    17 inches in CT. picked up a quick 3 inches in the end of the storm.
  14. kutnkru

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    Final Tally:
    Totals for our area were 14in off the hillsides, 21in. at the Airport, and 28in.+ out up on the higher hilltops.

  15. TLS

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    Here in Sunny Trappe, PA, we got 51........milimeters of slush covered by 22.........milimeters of powder. We were joking at work (ACME Supermarkets) on Saturday and Sunday. We broke an ALL TIME one day sales record on Saturday with $142,000 in sales. Busier than any holiday! Anyway, we joked that [This weather forcast sponsored by ACME MARKETS] People were going nucking futs buying everything and anything that they could fit in their carts! People I have never seen before in the store were there buying Milk, Juice, Eggs, Bread, Toilet Paper, Spring Water. It was like Y2K all over again! Oh well. I'm glad we didn't get the 1-2+ feet that they were predicting. Those BIG storms are a pain in the but! I made more $ per hour plowing this slush than I would have with a Blizzard.
  16. kutnkru

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    I hear you there Buddy Row!!! If it was available at the market, it wasnt by the end of the first day -LOL. People were going out of their minds and all here too.

    the serious problem will be when people have lost all faith oin the forecasters and begin to disregard their *.*warnings*.* Wait until you see the death tolls fom storms then.

    Sad but true.
  17. Eric ELM

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    We got 10 minutes of flurries here. :mad:
  18. greenquestlawn

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    Well, Im not from the North East but here in MI (Well west Michigan) I was surprised on Mon we got snow! It was hard to tell how much probably 3-4 inches but boy did it drift up in spots. some of the areas had 1" others had 12-15 inches. (mostly loading docks and parking areas on the East side of the buildings.) Had taken my plow off a week earlier.
  19. slplow

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    We got 17" of white cement. Had a ball("not")

    from ohio
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    between 6 and 8 depending on wind ,drifts,---daytime snows are tough