How much snow did you get this yr

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So far this yr I plowed and sanded 74" and maybe more tomorrow are averge here is about 40" I hope you all had a great yr so tell us what you got.

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Officially 104.6 against the normal of 79.2. A lot of that came at an inch a day back in January, just fast enough to keep everything slicked up.

Somerville MA.
Average about 35 inches in downtown Boston, currently at about 39. If we finish at that total I'll have no complaints. Although that does pale incomparison to the winter of 96' when we had 108" in downtown .
Guys i got all of you beat. 15 inches or was it 16 inches. used up 130 tons of salt. I dont think i will need to replace any cutting edges for next season.

See you in Denver. Maybe then i will get to see snow again.

4 Saisons

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21 events (3" trigger), total snow 123", A bonus of 9" from the average.

JAA over 25 feet of snow, how pizza deliver can fin your adress. how long this snow will stay on the ground.

Chuck Smith

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I posted this on another thread...

We've had 41" so far this year, in my plowing area. To the North and West, where I plow for my brother, they probably got about 48" so far this year.
I have my old records of the past few winters.
Here's the standings I was able to find. I have records back to 92 though, somewhere.

1995 - 96 75" (there was a 28" blizzard this year)
1996 - 97 Less than 6"
1997 - 98 4"
1998 - 99 12"
1999 - 2000 6"
2000 - 2001 41"

On that other thread, BRL posted that the NWS has an average for Newark of 24". That's the exact average these years come out to.



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Albany NY
Here in Albany the news said a few days ago somewhere around 78" it was in the mid to high seventies. Called it a 130% winter which figuring the average 63" is about 80"
My records show about a foot less. My record keeping abilities have a long way to go before they reach Chucks level. Man I gotta get a secretary before next year. At the rate the money is coming in I should have a Grand Total by July. Maybe June but that's wishful thinking. All in all I love it, wouldn't trade it for anything else:)


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Im in FL we had snow on christmas eve 1972 i beleive, about 1/4 inch. that was our last blizzard. really though, im just curious, which do you guys make more on, plowing, or lawn care?

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Skyphoto - last winter up here (considered to be "snow country") the city hall records indicate about 10" total! And the two winters before that were both 11". Needless to say, this one has caught a lot of people off guard!

matthew Urban

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Western Mass
Our average is around 75".
So far this year we are at 91". Most of which has come since new years.
Sure beats the 44" last winter.
But its not anything like 95-96, 144" that year.
Almost double the average then.

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