How Much Power do i really Have

I have an '81 chev. one ton w/ 454 and 4 speed. I was just wondering how much power it really has. The engine was a remanufactured engine from napa or someplace like this it has around 25 k on it. The only piece of emission related equipment was a smog pump which is long gone. The exhaust it straight through dual 2 1/4" pipe with 15" straight-through glass packs (no cats.). The only performance part is an edelbrock 650. Chiltons rates it as 210 h.p. and 345 ft.lbs. of torque. How much does it really have?

Chuck Smith

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From what I gather, stock, it has 230 HP, and 360 ftlbs. of torque. Minus the cats, and with the 650, possibly not much more. A 650 carb is kinda small for a 454. A 700 or even a 750 would give you more HP and torque. IMO



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didn' they change the way hp was rated in 73? To net Hp or something. I think this means that instead of taking the HP rating from the engine without the truck, it is now taken at the rear wheels with the engine installed. My 350 has a net rating of 160 which would probably be close to about 200 on the dyno.


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Net horsepower is still taken at the flywheel, but it's done with all accessories installed and air cleaner on, ect. Gross was done with none of the accessories, and they pretty much did everything they could to get a few more horses out there, even if it didn't translate into what the motor really made in the car. 230 sounds about right for net horsepower for a 454 in a truck.

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