How much per hour to sub-contract a 1 ton dually 8 foot v-box sander?


I have a 1 ton Dually 8 foot V-Box sander I am going to be sub-contracting out for the first time. The properties are all commercial parking lots. I am going to be compensated hourly for both the plow truck and the sander. I already agreed to an hourly rate for the plow truck but not for the sander. I just purchased the 1997 Cab & Chassis that is going to be the dedicated sander. The 1 ton Dually is a 2WD that has a heavy steel flatbed and a 460 gasoline motor. I'm guessing I'm lucky to be averaging 8MPG with this beast. What would be a fair hourly rate to agree to with the snow removal contractor? I'm not sure how he is charging the customer's for the sanding service, if he is doing it as the same rate as a per push or by the yard. I will be the only operator of the sander and it will be used for pre-treating and de-icing as well as immediately following the completion of the plowing services. Any help would be great. Thanks.


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Might be better off with a set price for each lot.Seems like a lot of money is left on the table with hourly billing.I would think you should get at least the same as a plow truck,80$ an hr .Are you supplying the salt?

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