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This is our first year performing snow removal.
How much does one charge for commercial? Do you charge by the hour or by occurrence? If by the hour then do you prorate if the job takes less than an hour? Do you alway use salt or do you ask the clients if they want salt? Thank you for answering any or all of my questions.
Lawn girl


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Welcome to the forum!

I would charge per time, but I would never work hourly.
If you DO work hourly, generally this is for much larger jobs where you're billing several truck-hours per snowfall.

Salting is best when you have discretion as to the application. Many commercial accounts will want it only when they call, but we always market for "open PO" on salt.

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Welcome Lawn Girl!

Be careful you're entering dangerous territory. We don't do anything hourly. Too many hassels with billing and the customers usually freak out when you give them your rate. Charge by the push for now. Then after a few years of experience give them an option for a seasonal rate. You don't always use salt because it's not always icy. Don't let the customer tell you when to salt. You're the professional here. If you're not sure, ask the prospect to see last year's contract. Don't overbook. Good luck!

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