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LI Brian

Alright Boys,
Now it is time to see the age I am still a youngin only five years experience in the snow buisness, How much experiennce do the rest of you have and lets here your beginners horror stories. Mine was thinking I was going to make it rich working for the town. WRONG!!! First year brand new Boss plow, Brand new 2yd buyers sander Invested $5,700 paid for the insurance and was called out 0 times. Looked good in the driveway and was as new in the beginning as it was when I put it away. Got smart and started doing commercial have made more investments, but have also made money this time. I am sure the oldtimers like plowking, John Allan, Geoff and Chuck have some years under their belt. Hope I didn't offend anyone, But I have gotten some great advice from you and it sounds like you have the experience.
Till later


Western CT
I got 8 years. I started small (toyota pickup used fisher plow) and have grown to where I am now. Although I am not huge snow removal is a major part of my business. I have four trucks now and buy new equipment for the most part. I grow when I need to and avoid buying stuff because it looks good. If I buy something it is because I need it. That is the best advice I can give you. Buy wisely and maintain your equipment so your investment lasts.

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This will be my 5'th season plowing, but the first season doing it "for-hire". (Previous years I plowed the lot at my workplace and the shop I rent)

As well, being employed in the welding/fabricating field I have had many opportunities to repair plows, mounts, and trucks!

Learned the hard way about "plowing with the storm" last December - won't make that mistake again!

GeoffD Veteran
Oh years of experience,

I started Plowing with a truck at 16, some 20 or so years latter I still don't have it figured out.

However I started plowing lots with a tractor at age 12.


Somerville MA.
Brian the best advice I can give is for anybody going into this buisness or who wants to stay in it, is to be patient and persistent.

Remember that your in this for the long haul and you will have snowy years and dry years.
When things go wrong, subs don't show up, equipment breaks, or you get back to back blizzards, this when the persistance thing comes into play. If you really want to do this work you put up with all these things and more.
You'll be disapointed when you don't get that big contract. This is when that patientance thing comes in.
But if you do as has been stated here before and keep your cost's to only what you need and most importantly provide great service, those contracts will come (they will seek you out!) and then all that effort will be well worth it. So good luck and pray for snow :) .

BTW I started pushing snow in 87, my father started in 69.


I've been plowing since I was 16 also and that was 15 yrs ago. My dad had an excavating company and they snowplowed in the winter to keep the guys working. Since I started I've been doing it off and on. Now I'm running the excavating business and I'm back in it full time. You start out the season excited about snowplowing and by the end of the season your ready to sell the whole thing sometimes. A few yrs ago we plowed in Jan. 29 days strait. The guys looked like they were sleep walking/driving.

My favorite plow is a john deere loader with a 12' hydr. blade on the front. You can do the smallest drives or big parking lots.

Looking for a big winter this year. Lots of snow off of Lake Michigan. :)

john r

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I have a tree service business and got sick and tired of firewood (a love for labor with no profit) in the winter. I didn't want to plow with my pickup so I bought a 10' Western and installed it on a f700. Didn't snow here for two years. $5k just sitting there. I plowed for the township (which I really didn't want to do-they don'y PAY!). But since I didn't advertise, I did anyway.
Advertise your service in the fall. you'll get calls. Then think of the next plow truck you want to setup. I've got 4 plows, 2 spreaders, backho, and a skid steer. Patience is a gold vertue!

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Nova Scotia
I started when I was 14 with my dad's Landrover, and a homemade plow, and I remember the big innovation, being able to angle the blade! Those were the good old days beating frozen slush off the blade to find the pin to change the angle.
An ice scrapper to clean the frost off the inside of the windshield.I've had lots of "experiences" plowing, but I still think I lack experience!:D


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Albany NY
I started when I was 16 I'll be 21 in November making this my 6th winter. It will only be my second year commercialy but I've done ok. Made about 16,000 last year and put it all back in the company....feels like I made nothing. The contracts aren't all signed yet but I will atleast triple that this year. If only I could fing employees to come to work and do a decent job it would be so much easier!! Some one said you can't buy things because they look nice, man why can't I get that through my head. Like a lot of people here I owe everything I've been able to do to the guys here. Thanks

JD Plower those are words to live by
"Be patient, Persistent and do a good job"

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