How much ballast?


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How much ballast should I have in the back of my truck? I have a 95 Dodge 1500, short box with plow package (heavy springs in the front, raising the plow lowers the front of the truck by about 1-1.5") The plow is a Meyer's, not sure of the weight and I haven't measured the width, but I think it is 7.5' or 8'. My idea was to line the bottom of the bed with cinder blocks, this would give me weight and a flat surface so that I could still put things in the back. If done right, they wouldn't shift around to much. I have a bedliner so scratching isn't a concern. Anything else that I should keep in mind?


I've got a 2500 (long bed) and, at a minimum, keep 5 bags of salt (400 lbs) and a spreader (I think 125 lbs). No probs.


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Hey John,

Stop slamm'n the best plows and pumps made -- MEYER!


I've only plowed storms less than 3" so far. lol


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This plow came with the truck. I'm not exactly happy with the Meyers plow either, but I've made a few adjustments to it and it seem to be working good now. It is giving me a good idea of what to look for when I buy a new plow.

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The amount of ballast will depend on where in the box you put it: 1000lbs if you put it up front, 500lbs. if at the tailgate. Split it and put 700-800lbs. over the axle.

Granted, Meyer isn't my favorite brand either, but some of these guys must have difficulty reading sales reports because Meyer has sold more plows than anybody else except Western.


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Just because they sell alot of plows doesnt make them the best.However I will saythat their plows 8' and up are alot better built than the 7.5' and down.

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The Old Husky (7.5' 34" tall, with big sector) was the best.
We've had pretty good luck with the M-9's as well.

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I'm going to knock on wood before posting this one. I have spare Meyer pumps, plows, & parts galore because they are always breaking down in the middle of the night. But I have to tell you I just put an old, beat up ST-90 and a 3 or 4 year old E-60 through quite a beating with out one problem. It plowed about 12 hours for a 2" snow, about 50 hours of 20" snow, 20 more hours of touch ups from the 20" storm, and another 18 hours of 2" storm. I don't think I've ever put more than 30 hours on any of the Meyer set ups without something breaking. I'm truly amazed & quite lucky I suppose. But if you don't want to deal with the worry & keeping spare stuff around, go with the Fisher. I always ask my plowing friends with Fishers where we can get them serviced & we all have the same answer: we don't know because we've never had a problem with them to get fixed.

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Re: Ballast

Originally posted by DaveO
Check out Fisher's new web site. They have a lot of tech info onhand. The ballast figure may be a little on the heavy side for you, since the Meyers blades are lighter.

I plugged in my numbers to their formula, came out to something like 32,000lbs-think somethings wrong with the formula.

I was surprised to see how much my plow + accessories weighs in total-over 1000 lbs with urethane edge.


All the talk about ballast in the bed, heck, I need to figure out how to get ballast on a 7.5 Meyer blade!!! The thing just sucks at small ice deposits- I have a Western of the same size that is MUCH better.

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Try and get the weight of the framework and plow or have the truck weighed at a weight station and look on your title for weight of your vehicle and compensate that in the rear of the truck. You may ahve to adjust accordingly after that but it will get you close.

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