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Cat 938g wheel loader with traction and ride control and bucket coupler.The machine is not an IT even though it has a coupler,attachment are 16ft protech 11ft rev plow.

Cat 928F or G (this machine is traded for a 416 I lease for the summer)14ft protech

Cat 416C IT 4x4,broom,11ft blade,14ft pusher

Case 90xt skidloader cab,two speed, hyd bucket coupler,ride control, 7.5 ft plow, broom, snow bucket

John Deere 770A road grader 14ft mole board

Agco Allis 6680 4x4 farm tractor cab,11ft plow rear blade

Will have 7 dumps of various sizes and brands. 1 with 10 ft western 2 with one ways,4 with 11ft rev. highway blades home built mounts.

n y snow pros

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We purchased 7 new 544 John Deere loaders with quick disconnect buckets.These loaders all have 16ft Protecs on them.
2 case 2yd antique machines with 16ft Protecs 2 Jcbs 1 3yd machine with 16ft protec and 1 1yd machine with 14ft lowpro Protec.

3 744 John Deere 5yd bucket machines with 24ft Protecs
We also have 1 custom built Protec with 8 posts ontop and bottom for cleaning under trailers.

Thank the Lord for Protecs!


Stamford, CT
Case 580 K 4x4, have leased other heavy equipment as needed.

We even rented several Triaxle Dumps and Roll off trucks with 40 yard containers one year in order to haul snow away from one account that didn't have room to store snow piles.

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