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    How many times should you plow for a contract? I mean I know how many events to factor in my contracts. My question is once you snow plow and salted. Then the next day it turns to slush should I plow it again? Or just salt it again the reason for my question is i got a phone call from a condo complex i plow for. That he got a phone call today from a unit owner saying that the parking lot was a mess from the slush. Should I have factor this scenario in with my contract . Or just tell the guy I have to salt again because its slush not 2in. of snow like the contract saids plowing will occur when theres is 2in. of snow. :realmad:
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    You need to factor in a Follow-up price. I charge roughly $20 less for a follow-up than I do for a plowing.

    If you have done your job (plowed and salted) and you get a call that something else needs to be done that is a call back.

    You need to make it clear that any call back at all where you have to do Requested work is a follow up.

    Customers Don't understand the concept of Snow Pack, Snow Melt, and salting. So you need to make them understand these things.

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    JMO.... but i know with our customers once we plow and salt there shouldnt be too much slush. Its not liek your throwing salt on top of an inch of snow, however, i think as a PR thing its good to clean up slushy messes like that plus it can be a slip and fall liability issue.

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    I think also it is good for PR aswell. Even if you don't do the whole place it is still nice to go there and take care of everything and make it looks nice. As well as the liability issue too. Personally I am not done plowing until the lots are scraped clean from the slush. Say we get a 6 inch storm and I plow a lot once, at 6 am, then it is 12 that afternoon, and I am just finishing things up. I will go back thru and start all over again, cleaning things up as needed.
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    The largest part of your job is NOT plowing the snow, it's minimizing the customers exposure to potential liability. I have always returned later to check and then scrape any remaining slush for my customers. You know what happens when cars have driven thru slush, left tire tracks, and then it froze? You get a skating rink with built in waves. The bigshot personal injury attorneys just love slips, trips and falls. If you explain these concepts to your customer.... they will appreciate you lowering their chances of a lawsuit.
    It's much cheaper to pay for a return visit than replacing aunt Maddie's hip and knee.ussmileyflag
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    To do the job right,I would plow the slush then salt.In my opinion 2" triggers are too high.Salting anything over an inch just makes it worse if the temps were to drop.In my opinion an inch of slush is more dangerous than 6" of snow.If the customer wants the job done right and is willing to pay,sit down and ammend the contract so that you have the freedom to do the job as your judgment dictates.I know, its easier said than done.But you shouldnt be the one trying to guess what you should do and afraid you wont get paid for doing the right thing.Also tennants love to complain,I garauntee the tennant wouldnt mind the slush so much if there assocation fee was to go up to solve the problem.
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    I always go back the next day and plow the slush. All of my accounts are seasonal, so I don't get paid for the follow up, but I do get paid for the salt (or sand now :cry:). It makes the customer happy not to have slush, makes my insurance company happy b/c it won't freeze and turn into a skating rink, and it makes my wallet happy to get some money in it payup
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    Your Right!

    You know what your right plow again and salt the hell out the place! Am tired of poeple telling me about there budget if these poeple want to see black top all the time well there just going have to pay the salt bill. Thanks guys payup
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    I keep my one contract clean at all times, whatever it takes. Couple times, 3x, whatever, I keep em happy.