How many times have you plowed so far?

Green Acres

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Just curious as to how many times people have plowed this season. So far I have been out ZERO times but looking for 4-6 inches on Monday and Tuesday. I'm located in Kansas


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S. Maine
0 times, bought another spreader for the other truck and havent plowed or sanded. Looks like Monday night we will at least be sanding.

matthew Urban

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Western Mass
A big goose egg here in western mass.
Maybee someday soon, otherwise I'm gonna melt down the plow and make 700 lbs. of nails. At least I know I can use those this winter


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We just made a full run Thursday night/Friday. Before that we've spread a little ice-melt 3 times I beleive. Can't complain though, according to the Weather channel we were not supposed to get more than a skiff(we received around 2"-3").

North Central,IN


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i plowed two times in november in Minesota,they were like two inches each time,looks like maybe more this comming week.

SlimJim Z71 Addict
Cary, IL
Plowing: 1-full run, several little ones at my dealership.
Salting: 1-full run, several little ones at my dealership.

BUT... it looks like I'm gonna get some more tonight and tomorrow, somewhere around 6-inches.



Here in central Illinois, nothing yet. But they're forecasting 8-12" on Monday. Have to wait and see how that one comes out.

John Allin Addict
Erie, PA

In my immediate (local) market......
19 plowings at the lakeshore
33 plowings out at the Interstate where the real Lake Effect kicks in.
36 salting runs

We've plowed, salted, stacked, or hauled snow 20 days in a row now, and three days prior to this (this season).

More snow for tonight, tomorrow night, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, yada, yada, yada.....


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Alan Addict
Salted part of the route twice, down near the lake it stays little warmer for the early part of the season so nothing at all there yet.

Plowed NOTHING so far.

John, it's not nice to gloat. But I gotta admit I wish I was there.