How many times do I plow during a storm?

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  1. Dave Meyers

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    I plow drieveways for friends and acquaintences for cash during storms. We are expecting two feet of snow over the next three days in Kenosha, WI. What do folks generally do? Do you plow each driveway once at the end of the storm and charge for one driveway, or a few times during the storm and charge for each clearing, or clear it a few times but just charge for the storm event, etc? I don't have contracts with people because I just do this when trhey call me up and ask, since I have two other jobs. Thanks in advance.

  2. vegaman04

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    Be smart and plow with the storm.
  3. mycirus

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    Plow every 4 to 6 inches and stay on top of it. You are gonna hate life if you wait till the end.
  4. Kenyou

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    Do like mycirus says and plow with the storm. There is no way you are going to plow it after that storm unless you have a D-9.
    Just make sure that your customers know that you will be plowing every 4 to 6 and they will be charged for each time. Good Luck.
  5. OP
    Dave Meyers

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    Good advice everyone. I've got a plan. Thank you. Just looking forward to the snow now!
  6. batman53201

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    im in the same can probably cut them some slack, say if your gonna plow 4 times during this storm.......charge them for 3
  7. hydro_37

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    why charge for 3 when you plow 4 times....that is stupid
    we bill EVERYTIME we plow and customers dont complain....they are just glad to be able to get out if they want to
  8. OP
    Dave Meyers

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    I'm just doing this for friends, not customers per se. I want to help them and make a little cash, not maximize profit.These folks are too old or too ill to do it themselves. It's not my primary business. In my own work, I follow your advice so I give good service but don't get taken advantage of either. Anyhoo, I ended up only plowing once after the storm because the roads were impassable during the storm. Total white out. I headed out to go to a driveway across town then turned around and was glad to make it back home.
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