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how many pushes

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by DRP Mowing, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. DRP Mowing

    DRP Mowing Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    how many pushes do you guys fig you get a year. My area we get about 25-30.
  2. ZamboniHDB

    ZamboniHDB Senior Member
    Messages: 338

    I average about 10 - 14 plowable and 10 - 12 separate saltable events for myself. Last year was quite the disappointment though.

  3. streetsurfin'

    streetsurfin' Senior Member
    Messages: 770

    Yes, it's been about 12 plows for too many years. We need another winter like 1978/79.
  4. Boast Enterpris

    Boast Enterpris Senior Member
    Messages: 745

    About 6 - 10 events on average for me. Last year was a off year for me as well. Spread a lot of salt didn't get to plow much! I was just taking my first breath in the winter of 78-79. I hear it was wild, I wish I could experience one similar to it now!!
  5. CENLO

    CENLO Member
    Messages: 61

    We do an average of 30-35 plows per season :) We head out after about 2"+
  6. qualitylawncare

    qualitylawncare Senior Member
    Messages: 501

    15-25... it all depends on lake affect around here.. the area surrounding Lake Ontario could get 20" and 5 miles from the lake gets 2"..
  7. naco

    naco Member
    Messages: 49

    michigan 3-4 pushes
  8. mikekinney

    mikekinney Member
    Messages: 33


    35-90 Depand's on the season and upon the trigger depth
  9. CENLO

    CENLO Member
    Messages: 61

    Hey, Qualitylawncare you say you have an f350 with a Western poly v, I did mot think Western made a poly v? :confused:
  10. mikekinney

    mikekinney Member
    Messages: 33


    That should be Depends (SORRY). I GUESS I SHOULD spellcheck more often
  11. Silverhowie

    Silverhowie Junior Member
    Messages: 23

    Hey qualitylawncare, I see on your signature you have a 8'6" Western Poly V plow, They make a Poly V?