how many of you use 2wd duallys??

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by bossplowguy, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. bossplowguy

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    Was just curious to how many of you use 2wd duallys? Do they get around well? Any problems? Thanks
  2. Clapper&Company

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    The old Dump was 2wd, used is for salt

    Now we got a 4wd dump, 2wd are fine if u watch what ur doing
  3. BlackIrish

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    Once again, wrong tool for the job. Although I'm sure it can be done why bother?
  4. farmerkev

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    My neighbor has a 85 F-350 dually, he doesnt plow with it, but gets around great in the winter with it, drove through 8" unplowed in a storm at his cabin, passed a few stuck cars but he said, but didnt want to pull them out as to avoid becoming stuck himself, but he went right through the rest.
  5. ABES

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    i plow with a 4wd dually dump and i can plow in 2wd but its a pita always spinning the tires even when i try not too and the rear end slides all over the place. not to mention when i have a blade full of snow there is no way to steer when you are in 2wd. now if i am doing a really tight parking lot/driveway i use 2wd so the front end doesnt bind up.
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  6. gene gls

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    I do............
  7. Sno4U

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    It can be done IF, I say IF you have hard pavement plowing as your standard conditions AND you carry alot of ballast. You would never want to go into an unmarked, never before plowed, gravel, driveway.
    We have our Ford as a back up plow vehicle but the usual driver of that says it "gets squirrely" b/c the back duals are always trying to follow the track of the front wheels. So, they "fight" side to side trying to find that center. Now the Ford is 4x4, so I can imagine how bad a 2WD would be.
    We have an small, Isuzu, cabover that will someday be set up to plow and if you look at the wheel tracking on that its different than our domestic trucks. It should be OK, provided I get some very good winter tires for on the back.
  8. BlackIrish

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    how many snow events/yr ? size?
    I'm looking at rigs like yours but it'll be 4x4:eek:
  9. clark lawn

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    my dump is 2wd with the v box in the bed and loaded up it will push anything ive had to so far.
  10. gene gls

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    I get between 8 and 13 pushes per year on my residential drives. We usually get 2 storms that are 10" + that need 2 pushes. This year I have had 2 good ice storms for sanding. I have spread more mix this year than I did in the last 6 years altogeather. This is my 7th year plowing with this truck. I have a locker in the rear and have not gotten stuck yet. When they forcast heavy snow, 2"+ per hour, I put on chains. The only downside with my truck is that I can't push up hill on a steep driveway if I have to start from a stop at the bottom. 4 x 4 would be better for sure but they only come with a standard tranny in the Mitsi and I prefer an auto tranny. New FG's are in the $ 50,000.00 range and are becomming more popular in my area.
  11. Blazin

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    For a paved parking lot they work OK. I know a guy who does a huge factory parking lot. He has three trucks there. An F350 4x4, dump. An F350 4x2 with a spreader in the back. and F250 2 wheel drive with a 1,000 lbs concrete block in the back.
    I plow allot of my driveways on a dry fluffy snow in 2 wheel drive with my 68 K 30 dump. Most times I have my empty spreader in the back. If its heavy wet stuff I use 4x4. Once in a while when we have icy conditions I will put a half yard of sand in for weight. But I also use 4x4 on 99% of the driveways when its that icy too.
  12. musclecarboy

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    cet has a guy that uses a GMC 3500 flat deck and he does just fine. He has 24 patio slabs over the rear axle for ballast.
  13. purpleranger519

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    Ive got a 3500HD that I plow with, has a 2 yard sno-way sander in the back and a Meyer Plow on front. It's great no problems at all. If it gets above 6" it helps to have the sander at least half full.
    I'll be yanking the Meyer off this summer and putting a new Blizzard 810 on it.
  14. SnowMatt13

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    All of our 5-yards at work are 2WD.
    There's no muni. in this area with 4WD big trucks.
  15. SD-Dave

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    I plow with a F-550 that is 4WD but 90% of the time if I have 4000lbs of salt in rear it plows fine in just 2WD on a normal paved parking lot. It does have limited slip and a 4.88 rear end which helps. Glad to have the 4WD when needed but most of the time just the wheel-base and wieght are sufficient.


    ps. stay tuned for pictures of this new rig!
  16. Peterbilt

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    I own 2 Chevy W4500s. Plow with both of them. both have 8ft Boss polys with Boss wings.
    One has a Snow Ex 2400 spreader the other has no spreader.

    We just load them up with salt and put chains on the rear tires and go. My guys usually fight over who gets to run them.

    Next season I plan on a more aggressive rear tire to try and get away from the chains.

    Over all We completely love these trucks.

  17. slade

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    I have a 3500hd with a salt spreader on it. It helps alot to have a little salt in the spreader, however it doesn't have a bed on it so that makes the rear a little lighter than it would be otherwise. It also has a locker in the rear end, good tires, works great, just remember it is 2wd. I think the locker helps alot.
  18. musclecarboy

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    I think that's the key. Remember you don't have 4x4 so don't get too adventurous.
  19. gene gls

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    Put lockers in them and you won't need chains unless its a blizzard.
  20. Joe D

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    I have a 450 2wd that I plow with, no issues at all. I do a handfull of driveways but mostly big lots. It has a 12' deck on it with a lift gate. I keep 2000lbs on it during the winter.
    Good tires are important I think.