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Hey fella's
First time back on the forum since last snow season, Hope is well with every body ant their families. Since I am from Long Island, we have definately have felt the affects of the horrific act three weeks ago. I am doing what the president and the mayor have said and am getting on with life. With that said I started to look at the ol equipment and have made my list with what to get and what to fix. I am trying to have everything done by december 15, this way I am not fixing equipment or installing plows the night before like I was last year before a big storm. Just wondering if anyone has a similiar maybe funny story to that effect maybe we can get people in a less somber mood. seems like less people are chating this year than last. Maybe everybody is working on their equipment or just don't have time. I will hear from you soon.
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I've been keeping plenty busy with my full-time job, and getting ready for snow season. Powerpack is overhauled & back on the truck, plan is to have everything ready to "push snow" by the end of October at the latest.

Haven't been down NYC way since I quit trucking back in '97, just wondering if December 15 is still "cutting it a little close"?

BTW, your story about fixing/installing the night before a big storm sounds like me last year - just got back from a vacation in Cuba (OK because I'm from Canada! :D ) near the end of November. I got back Sunday afternoon, was a bit tired so I didn't do a whole lot. Sure enough, started snowing that evening. Out in the snow hooking up the plow, muttering "never ^%$ again"

This year, I want the truck sittin' there ready to go before the first flake hits.


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Welcome back. I am actually in the process of getting my equipment ready now. I consider winter to start around Nov 15. In other words I want to be fully prepared for snow by this date. Always better to be prepared early then caught off guard.

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Glad to hear that you are all right. I, too, have already been hard at work getting everything ready and if you want to see some weird looks you should have seen the people looking at my 2 1/2 ton with the 10' blade going here and there while working on it back at the end of August.

I know nothing can effectively ausage the hurt and anger but keep your head up and when those pennies form heaven start to fall you will find your neighbors still standing tall in the face of snow or evil doers or whatever. You New Yorkers are a tough bunch with twice the heart that people give you credit for.


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My trucks will be ready by the end of the month. Head gears go on in november for the big trucks, and the trucks with Diamond Plows. Wings will go on the day before a storm, as well as the spreaders.

My back up truck that I am working on, may be ready by November.



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My new plow is being installed on Tuesday. Can't wait to see it. 8 1/2 BOSS V. I have seen 3 trucks this past week driving around with plows on them. Can't wait to push some snow.


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Geoff are you still running mostly Diamonds or have you gone back to Fisher? I just bought a My first Diamond and am amazed at how well built it is. However the design is still similiar to a Fisher I guess going back to its beginings.

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I haven't bought a Diamond in year, because the plows I have bought in the past year have been V-Plows and 10' blades with trip edges, had to buy those from Fisher and 1 from Everest.

This year I am going to buy 2 9' straight blades. I think I am just going to buy Fisher. One of the reasons is less parts to stock, the second is I have enough pavement space around the shop now, so that the min mount system is no loner a pain.

I am actually going to but the 2 plows out to bid, and see what I get for prices. I have a good stock of both Diamond and Fisher parts, so it's not going to cost more to keep the stock up.


Somerville MA.
I guess I'm doing what the president asked for, to keep acting normally and spending in a regular fashion. I just bought a 724 ariens blower (btw does anybody here know if they're made in the U.S.A.?) and I still have to buy and install a set of glowplugs on one of the trucks. So far I'm keeping busy with contracts and maintainance on the trucks and waiting for the snow. I also think that the snow season is going to be very important this year with the econ
omy slowing down, so as the saying goes "think snow"!!

P.S. Brian looks like you guy's might have a decent hockey team down on the island this year!


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New Snow Plow business


This is my first time using an online forum, so I guess I should start off by saying HI, my name is Lynda.

I have been reading your notes to each other and am very impressed with the infomation that is shared. I think it is great. I am not sure what I can add to help anyone, but I was wondering if I may receive some information from anyone that would like to share.

I own a tree service and I recently purchased another truck to use for snowplowing along with a plow, I am also set up in the phone book advertising snow plowing services. I have done some research, but I need help in putting it all together.

I have received calls already asking for prices, estimates along with bid requests form two large retailers.

I also have the employees lined - two that will be using there own pickup trucks and snow plows, and my insurance company is working on their part.

So here is my problem, I have no idea how to price the jobs or how to write the contracts. So I was hoping that someone would not mind sharing a sample contract with me one for residential and one for commercial.

I know that charges can be by the hour, by the acculumation, by the job, but I am most confused with is the dollar amounts that should be attached and which pricing structure is best.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this and for your consideration for helping me

Have a great night:) :waving:


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