how far between jobs is too far at 20 MPH

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    my snow mentor who has given me every snow removal job i have may be putting me in a sticky situation. until now, he gave me 1 out of the way retail job that he didn't trust his guys on. but every other apt. complex he gave me, 10 of them, are densely located 10 miles away. so far i've used my pickup and wideout and it takes me about 11 hours total on an average snow. this spring, after i got him a very nice real estate commission, he said he's going to be giving me "a lot more properties" im worried that i'll be getting his 40 unit twin home complex that is ill suited for my pickup. i could handle a normal snowfall, but a blizzard/snowstorm there would be a nightmare and more than my pickup could handle. i have a few options, buy a used skidder/trailer/pusher for $50K +- , or spend $65K+- on a used compact loader, case 321F/pusher. i would start at the retail (bills out for an hour and a half, drive 2.5 miles to get to the 40 unit complex (bills out for 5 hours) , then drive 10 miles to the rest of the 10 apartments (9 billable hours). also considering 90-100 hp kubota tractors with top speeds around 24 mph. do i turn down the work, keep my set up, and hope there's no repercussions, again the guy has handed me every snow removal job i have. driving a compact loader at 20 MPH would add at least an hour and a half to each event in drive time but also be much faster when pushing snow. how is loading and unloading a skidder a couple times a day? i don't have DOT now, but would have to for the bobcat as i would be crossing state lines and MN is anything commercial over 10K gvwr. any advice on any part of this equation is welcome. "too much of a good thing"

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    Hire someone to help you on your tight route area with a machine that will make you time when it’s deep. Take the truck to the remote site plow and salt it then work with your machine and help. If you don’t want to buy a machine find someone with the tractor and buy the blade. Owner operators are usually well committed. The sites you have now you know well so you can explain them perfectly. Draw push plans and get the machine working. Make your operator push early start of the season to get time in and learn places.
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    for ME I will not travel 1/2 mile, I have 105 driveways in a 3 mile dia. circle.

    I only plow driveways! Cant pay me enough to plow commercial.