How do you see behind you?

Alan Addict
In the SIMA training video they stress looking out the back window of the truck when you are backing. Personally, I think that is BS. In my opinion you may see better immediately behind you that way but you have lost the ability to track your plow corners and have no peripheral vision to help see what's coming at you from the side. In addition, I think the fatigue would be much greater from all the twisting and turning to look out the rear. Who does what here?

GeoffD Veteran
Depends on the truck<p>Pick ups in driveways and lots:<p>look behind ya and use the mirrors<p>Dump trucks : just the mirrors<p>Rack bodies : mirrors and look behind some times.<p>Also depends on the application, and the driver.<p>A good driver can just use the mirrors, and not have to look behind. <p>For pull plow work look behind.<p>By the way, The F 650 i just ordered is going to have a video camera mounted below the body in the summer, and on the V-Box or Tailgate spreader in the winter. <p>Geoff

GeoffD Veteran
I am having it installed by my truck equipment upfitter, or i may do it myself haven't decided yet. You can buy the camera and monitor from AW direct for less than 500 bucks. I am going to try it late this summer and early fall when i get the truck. If it works well there will be a camera on my other 650, and maybe all trucks with sanders.<p>Geoff

Alan Addict
I've looked at those cameras, I wonder how to keep the lens clear during a snowstorm. Everything on the back of my trucks gets plastered from road crap.

GeoffD Veteran
The city or portland uses them on all there trucks, they have been for about 4 years now. I figure if it works for them it should work for me. The trick is to find a place on the truck where there won't be as much crap hitting it. Right near the v-boxs spinner is a good location, or on the v-box, and the body just under the lip. You would have to do some cleaning i am sure, when the truck started to drive in the slush. I think i will put my camera inside a clear plastic box, for protection and ease of cleaning.<p>Geoff


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Have you seen my truck?If you have you know that I can only use my mirrors. One thing to remember about the video, is that it is intended for beginners, not for the experienced plower. If I have a first timer plowing for me,I would want him to turn around and look out the window.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment

GeoffD Veteran
I agree you can plow useing only your mirrors i do it with a dump truck, and all of my plows trucks that are not pick ups have to basicly use the mirrors because you can't see that much behind you from looking through the windows.<p>However I believe that the camera can bennefit and opperator no matter how much experience he or she has. Now i will not know for sure to the end of the winter. Only i think that the more you can see the better. Sometimes my guys are in a truck like 36 hours streight, and the more they can see the better off they are.<p><br>Remember ya never know when a car may sneak up on ya. You can only see a car if they can see your mirrors. Some cars do follow to close. Thats where the camera comes in, more of a bennefit when plowing roads, something i do myself.<p>Geoff<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: GeoffDiamond