How Do You Purchase Trucks??

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    Ok make up my mind. I've been looking for the entire winter for another truck. Now here is my question. What are you doing?? Old school, used trucks, new leased or purchase the new truck.:help:

    I am getting tired of the new truck every season thing. I'm starting to move more towards the brand new truck leased at first then to purchase at the end of 24 months. That way I don't have to deal with a lemon. Then again I could buy a 96-98 with cash and have NO payments. All I know its going to be a Dodge Cummins auto extended cab or mega cab if new. By the way the Mega cab wheel base is 2" shorter than my 02 2500HD XCLB.:D

    What is you opinion?? What would you do differently if you were going to do it again if anything??:dizzy:

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    cash all day long
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    i am thinking of buying a new truck this summer or at least a used truck with like 20K on it with a good extended warrenty. i have an older truck with 142K on it and the thing is such a money pit just in the last week i have put $1300 into it. i would rather have payments and a new truck than an old truck thats paid for and always needs repairs.
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    Cash deal on a good clean used truck. Let someone else take the hit on depreciation.Do you want to pay a truck payment or repair bills? A warranty is great, but if a truck is broke down it doesn't matter who is fixing it, it still isn't making money. You would need to have the biggest piece of crap for it to cost more in repairs than it would for new truck payments.
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    I buy new. don't want someone else's problem Used trucks are hard for me to buy because I know I use /abuse my truck. and think the same for other owners. New truck you know where it's been what it's done. every truck will break down new or used. I pay cash for all my vehicles and keep them for many years. Guess it comes down to what you want/can to afford. If you are just looking for a plow truck that you can beat the he!! out of then maybe go used but all around truck I buy new. I would never lease a truck because I drive 30,000+ every year.
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    No plow prep on Mega cab at all. No plow prep on CTD Quad with a long box. Keep thius in mind when looking. You dont need a dealer giving you hard times over waranty

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    I have one of both new/old
    new ((er) is a 05 2500 Quad cab 4x4 ctd - got a payment used for more of family car

    88 W250 std cab CTD 4x4 - no payment more of a daily driver/ work truck
    86 W350 Stdcab 360 4x4 - no payment back up for the daily driver.

    for me I keep an spare truck here that if the one i use most breaks i still have an extra here to use. i always keep the back same body style, parts intterchange from one to another.
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    For hard use like plowing I'm like Rod I have two 93' W250's one is rotten one is solid, the solid truck is the main plow truck and the rotten one is for parts. Now if you have a shop, and are mechanically inclined or have a great mechanic (like I do) then keeping an older truck on the road is not a big deal. If you do not have the resources then a new(er) truck with warranty might be a better option. I like older trucks for plowing, they are usually tougher, easier to work on and if you bang it up a little it's not such a big deal. I always look at the body first, if the body is good and the spec meets my needs then I look at the mechanical condition and my offer is based on that. Also the monthly's you don't spend on a new(er) truck can be cut in half and give you a real nice maint. budget, but thats just my point of view.

    Oh if I were to do it again, I would try to find all the owners of 91-93 W 250/350 CTD's in the southern states and send them e-mails about buying thier trucks when they wanted to sell them LOL.
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    Personally I buy a few years old. If I am confident that I can check things over the price savings is usually quite good, especially right now. I mean if the new is cheaper then ya new. Some dealers are giving away things.

    take lease out of the picture. only finiance to own if anything.

    I personally love buying mr retired guys truck. I have now made a contact that orders a new dodge diesel every 2 years, and is getting incredible deals. I have mentioned that next trade in I am very intersted in purchasing his old truck.

    My previous purchases have been 3 years old, 4 years old, and dad bought his new.demo. It was the boss' truck of a dealer for 7000kms.

    There are lots of ways to check out cummins, just ask for common problems on here or dodge forums. I swear at the same amount of kms, they all have certain things... I did trannys at 300 000kms to 350 on all of my dodges.

    A 3rd gen I would think would be the best banng for your buck deal, cause its the newer style, ride is better, steering is better, its still a 5.9 and you can get the quad cab. Like mine.
    The deals that are out there right now are crazy! Whats the budgeT?
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    It all depends on what you consider "old" ? ...Perhaps if you bought a truck, lets say 5 years old, repairs may be minimal. It would definetely be the cost effective route, compared to purchasing new. New is expensive. Its a risk in the odds of the game!
  11. OP

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    02-23-08 update!!!!!

    Wow, neet to see this back from the dead. So what did I do??? Back at the time of the origiinal post I had a 02 2500HD gasser. During the summer months I searched high and low and finally came accross the 06. This truck was super clean and never worked a day in its life. In fact the trailer hitch was still black inside the receiver!!!! I took out a loan and picked up the truck for $500.00 a month.

    In the late summer early fall I sold the 02 Chev and ended up finding a 93 w250. Paid $1800.00 for the truck and it came with a set of older Western blades. One a 7.5' and 8.5'. The truck was a mess, not one fender was straight not even the roof. The cab mounts were paper thin and the interior was trashed. But with 380km on the odometer she would start up with a tap of the key!!! SOLD .......

    The truck is near compleation, when it is all said I will have about 5K in the truck including a complete body job and a flat deck installed. Yes the truck needed the typicial stuff of this era truck but it will be worth it.

    IMO the CTD are a great investment for any truck. If you know what years to look for and do your homework they will give you years of great service. Not to mention the average life span is 500km!!!!
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    Daf if you bought the truck for $ 1800.00 and have less than $ 5000.00 into it then you have an instant money maker. I think I paid too much for my 93' but the body is solid and it's pretty much all new mechanically. Even with what I have into mine it will pay for itself in a year and a half of plowing so I am happy with that. There are some really nice W250 CTD's in the trader but they are priced a bit high at the moment, I'll be taking the numbers and calling about them in a few weeks. Would like to build a fleet of them!
  13. OP

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    Check on Craigslist -Detroit. They have a clean extended cab 93 advertised for 4800. Good looking truck tis the season to low ball.

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    I think your in a good truck at a fair price.

    the weakest link is the transmission... it should have the A518/46RH automatic, overdrive has been an issue with them. they are not a cheep rebuild $1500 range, but there is a cheap fix, the 727 swaps right in place of A518, and it cost about $600 to rebuild a727.

    The Rotary pump 5.9L in stock form are great. they will run all day every day
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    new only. use the depreciation and you save 30-40% in taxes. I count on my equipt. I know new stuff breaks too but less than used. And new plows are way more efficient. you gonna put a $7000 wide out on a used truck? plus keeps guys Happy and my image as a successful operation. credit is what business are built on. if you keep it in check credit is a tool for growth. Interest is also deductible. say you pay $10000 in interest 1 year if you kept the $10000 you will pay 3-4000 to uncle SAM. if $6-7000 of interest expense allows me to grow my business by $300,000 its only 2% of gross growth.for the first 4 years of that new growth.

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    I count on my equipment also.
    I have not had one truck/plow related break down in over 5 years.
    I do not know how a new 8ft plow would be more efficient then older 8ft plow. they may be lighter, but not more efficient.

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    I have 4 older trucks, 3 of them the bodies are nice the last one not so nice... For a 600$ plus per month payment ( that I don't have ) I can keep all 4 plowing nicely. All of them get whatever they need, and anything that they may need, mechanically these trucks are in good shape. The only way I will ever have anything new is if i'm hurting for a tax write off, which is probably a good 3 years away yet. Now I suppose if I plowed alone with 1 truck and no back ups I'd probably lean more toward new.
  18. OP

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    Old iron with newer plows!!!
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    I agree Daff, I just bought a 02 duramax with 71k miles. The truck has central hydraulics, 9' western plow, and a bonnell gate spreader. The truck new was 65k set up (I called and asked the old owner), I bought it for 20k.....not a bad deal, and it came with new tires all the way around.
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    X2 DAFF I just finished going over and replacing everything mechanically on my 93 W250 and just ordered a new Boss XT plow for it, should be a great set up.