How do you fight ice?

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by CHCSnowman, Feb 2, 2011.

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    We had about 2" of freezing rain/sleet then it got real cold and froze......then we got 2-3" of sleet then rain the next night then cold. What a friggin it is 3" of solid ice on every road in this area. How will the roads ever melt off with a low of 0 tonight and 16 high tomorrow? Truck ramps have 8" of ice in them near the bottom. Where do you start? Just salt, salt and more salt?
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    ice not for skating

    Mother Nature, sand, a Weed Dragon propane
    torch burner, a kerosene salamader space heater
    do wonders. But thick ice just takes longer.:eek:
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    check out Neige's video, they used electric jackhammers.
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    What? Where is the vid, I got to see that.
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    This is water over the dam

    The best thing would have been to stay with the storm and applied material as it was falling. At the end of the day, it will take as much if not more ice melter to get it accomplished now. We deal with freezing rain often and it is best to stay ahead and keep applying. The nice thing is that you can apply at a lower rate during the event to keep it slushy and plow as necessary.
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    Thats the key, You almost have to stay with the storm.
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    Yep pretreat, and last night we had several hours with it above freezing from like from 10pm-4am plow like a mad man.
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    It's a mess in St. Louis. I made it out the day after the storm and tried to clear my driveways but it wasn't happening. I use snow blowers and there was no way it was happening. Here it is 3 days after the storm and I still haven't gotten anything done. I removed the snow off of the to and put ice melt down and removed the frozen mounds at the end of driveways yesterday and hopefully today the will be clearable.
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    Walks were a nightmare. I had all the tools to edge tree rings and shovel rock. There were places with over 4 inches of ice. I like the electric jackhammer idea. That would have been perfect. I pulled into to plow a church and their curbs don't have footings. I was 3 feet off the curb and the curb was frozen to the ice. This storm showed the value of and necessity of pretreating and plowing with a storm. I would have taken the 20 inches of snow over the ice and sleet.
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    As stated, pretreating is key. We had about an inch of ice from that storm. I treated everything except one church lot. It was the only lot where the ice didn't plow off. Had to post treat it twice. Lesson learned.
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    I agree with you Wayne. We just had that ice storm last week and we got about a solid 2'' of ice. The only way to stay on top of it was constant rounds of salt and plowing off the slush. You can't just salt once and hope like hell it holds and go out when it's over. You have to literally do round after round. I think we plowed some accounts 4 times in a day and a half.