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How do plow mounts connect to body?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by cappaj1, Jan 30, 2002.

  1. cappaj1

    cappaj1 Junior Member
    from buffalo
    Messages: 22

    How does a plow mount actually connect to a body? Any diagrams url web pages would be appreciated.

    I plan on connecting some kind of plow 6 feet wide and a couple hundred pounds to the front of a unibody Grand Cherokee Limited.

    Although not a plow vehicle, it's the perfect one for me.

    I heard a few times before from people that plow that a CJ or Wrangler are the perfect plow vehicles for driveways since they are so manuevable. Only negatives I heard is they are so low the snow blows up over the plow onto the windshield, and they're a little light.

    Well, the only things the CJ/Wrangler has over my Cherokee is a frame and a slightly shorter turn radius. Otherwise my limited has more horsepower, torque, pushing power, and more weight. Beyond that, for plowing out in the cold it has a much smoother ride, gobs more leg, head and shoulder room, better (and heated) seats and mirrors, better lighting, more ground clearance, and it's higher off the ground so won't have the snow blowing onto the windshield problem. Heck, let me stop comparing it to a CJ/Wrangler, My Limited has a much better turning radius and is much nicer to drive than alot of full size pickups or SUV's that ARE designed for plowing. And it'll move a house if I chained it to the rear hitch (book says it'll pull 7000 lbs). Fact is, if the thing had a frame, it would be a perfect plow vehicle!

    That brings me to my dilemna. There is no way I will not mount a plow on this SUV. Somehow, someway, it's gonna get one, if it's bolted to the bumber. Hell, I'd do that to my Honda Civic only it only has one wheel pushing and my Jeep has four much larger studded tires, that all have lots more traction. I don't plan on a 'comprimise' plow - nope! Won't put a 2x12 on this one, not even a Snowbear bolt on. It's gonna get a real plow alright, just have to find the right one and someone to help me rig some kind of mounting system. I've only looked two days and found one 350 lbs, and one about 200 that looks like it'll last longer than my Jeep! Hence this post. Any more tips to other manufacturers, home growns, 'already done thats' etc are welcom. Forget about the unibody/airbag/don't do that replies. It's gonna happen one way or the other. I don't plan on hitting imovable objects, but if I do, big deal. The thing's pushing 180k so it's not going to run that much longer anyway.

    I plan on starting a web site with photos of my progress. I have a feeling I'm on to something with this. Lots of people out there must have Grand Ch.Limiteds with lots of miles on them but still run like new, making them perfect personal plow vehicles. It's like 'hey dude - how about having your cake and eating it too; a luxury ride AND a plow vehicle all rolled into one - a luxury plow vehicle that will turn around on a dime with enough power to pull 7000 lbs to boot!'

    Anyway, if ANYONE has ever done this already, or knows someone out there who has, get those replies coming. THERE'S GOTTA BE SOMEONE OUT THERE WHO HAS ALEADY BEEN THER DONE THAT. IF not, no problem; I'll figure it out a little at a time with photographs along the way on the new site. I think I'll call it The Perfect Personal Plow Vehicle.


  2. c_maint

    c_maint Member
    Messages: 46

    you need a sub frame to bolt to your frame on the jeep. you could check out meyers web site or western and see if they have any thing for you.
    good luck
  3. Mick

    Mick PlowSite.com Veteran
    from Maine
    Messages: 5,546

    Maybe you could get Rob (75) to weld it for you.
  4. John DiMartino

    John DiMartino PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 2,154

    Im not trying to knock you,but if you dont know how a plow mounts to the body,or understand the implications of mounting a commercial plow to what is basically a unibody car with a solid axle under it,maybe you should spend some time finding someone who can do this job right,like Rob(75).Im not aware of a true power angle plow setup that weighs only 350 lbs ,they start at 450,that is usually without the mount. It it were strong enough someone would capitalize on it,make one for it.Have you ever plowed before?,are you aware of how much abuse plowing does to a full frame truck,let alone a unibody jeep.It can be torchure on a truck ,twisting unibody's crack windsheilds very easily.I hope you put it on,post some pictures of it,and then put the pictures up,of what it looks like after its twisted up,id love to see the the pics.BTW Jeep grand cherokee 4x4 is rated for 5000lbs with the 6 cyl,and tow package,6500 with 5.2V8,and 5000 with 5.9 limited.Good luck withthis project,post pics when its done.
  5. Mick

    Mick PlowSite.com Veteran
    from Maine
    Messages: 5,546

    I hope you realize I wasn't serious with my suggestion for welding your plow to the unibody. Considering that there is about a thousand years experience in plowing snow represented on this site and you have little to no experience, I'd suggest paying attention to them.

    However, since you are "Determined" - good luck to you.
  6. 75

    75 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,382

    In a nutshell, the mounts connect to the frame, not the body, attaching a plow mount to sheetmetal is something I would advise against doing.

    The lightest "real" plow I know of is the Sno-Way Predator 18 series, and even they are close to 400 lbs (376 # for the Model L-1872, 18" high/72" wide)

    John is right about what plowing can do to a full-frame truck, and I've had a few opportunities to repair them in the course of my full-time job in the metal fab trade.

    I also agree with John that if those vehicles - unibody SUV's - were suitable for plowing, the manufacturers would have plows/mounts for them.

    "Immovable objects" aren't the only issue, just pushing the snow is a workout.
  7. bubble boy

    bubble boy Member
    Messages: 44

    who PLANS on hitting immovable objects?

    looking for someone who has been there done that doesn't make it a good idea, or even feasible. you will at some point be on the road with this vehicle, with the plow on. your weak front end, and tiny brakes and 180 k of wear and tear supporting a plow? your the guy i stay away from on the roads.

    trust the people on this site. they've been there, everywhere and back again. you'd be better off selling the cheroke while its sellable and buying a TJ, then put a decent plow on it.

    and i have seen things man. i've seen tj's hung up on banks, sidekicks doing 180's,and all the while i drive right on by.

    i for one cant wait for your site.:p
  8. wxmn6

    wxmn6 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,037

    You may have made your decision but I just want to let you know the possible alternative. If you only need to clear the snow from two driveways, then why not get a two stages snowblower? It may take a little longer to clear snow, but cost less than a plow for your jeep. I think that putting a plow on your jeep is too much and it may bring more problems in future. But since you are determined to put plow on it, then good luck.
  9. cappaj1

    cappaj1 Junior Member
    from buffalo
    Messages: 22

    Thanks for the replies. All very good points, well taken.

    Some clarifications. Don't plan on mounting the plow to sheet metal but rather to the same unibody location a SnowBear plow bolts to, and their chart lists my Jeep. Or if a sub frame can be welded to these and other locations to attach the mount to. I want something with Hydraulic control if possible. I am hoping for suggestions as to any other plow company I can check out that might have a light, small, hydraulic plow.

    Also, I don't think I'll hit any immovable objects since my driveway is a straigt run 150 feet long, I won't go over 5mph while plowing, I will NOT plow if there is more than 2 inches of snow accumulation and I will NOT leave the driveway without first removing the plow AND mount. Also, I will NOT mount anything that weighs more than 300 pounds. The clear poly plow I saw was under that. If any of this is not possible, I won't bother. no matter how determined.

    The Chrysler Corporation 93 Jeep grand Cherokee service manual I have says it will tow 5000 pounds. 93 manual only shows a 6 cyl, no V8 that year.

    Thanks again to all who replied.
  10. Rob

    Rob PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 306

    First, let me say I echo what everyone here has alreay typed. The vehicle can take some (serious) abuse and will probably destroy your vehicle, "luxury" or not. Worse case, the front end may fail while you are transporting it down the road. Plow hitting the ground at 40+ on a unibody sounds just plain scary. SO, with all that said here's another thought for you. Have you considered a Pull-Plow type setup. I can think of two brands off the top of my head. Daniels and Snowman. I know that snowman makes a lighter duty unit, that can power angle from side to side while the heavier commercial models just stay straight and are made to work in conjunction with a front blade. Since your rig can tow 5000#+ it certainly could handle one of these units. Don't know if that is something you would consider, but it may be a good opportunity to have a real plow AND not ruin your vehicle.

    Good Luck with your project, whichever route you choose.
  11. dan deutekom

    dan deutekom Member
    Messages: 82

    it has been done

    Year: 1987
    Make: JEEP
    Model: WAGONEER
    Model Detail: LIMITED
    Price: $2,800
    Mileage: ------- km
    Date Posted: 1/24/02
    Ad Type: Private
    Comment: 4 dr., auto., 4x4, Myer snowplow ($1500 value), working exec., AM/FM cass., fully loaded, runs excellent, cert. & E-tested. $2800. (416)995-9383. (VTRNF)
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2002
  12. dan deutekom

    dan deutekom Member
    Messages: 82

  13. matthew Urban

    matthew Urban Senior Member
    Messages: 129

    That looks more like a cherokee than a "grand", while I may be wrong, thats my opinion.
    As far as abuse to the vehicle goes, get a blower, or prepare to spend big $$$$ to pass your next inspection.
    Good luck, whatever you do,
  14. Sno

    Sno Senior Member
    Messages: 320

    I would sell it and buy something that would SAFELY handle the plow, without all the headache.

    Any idea what a pain it is to be out on your own and the plow falls off in the middle of a big snow pile... At 6:00 in the morning.?

    10 degrees and blowing snow.


    Or, driving home late at night and it fall off in a busy intersection.
    That would make my day!

    I would try to eliminate these scenerios as much as possible.

    I love snow, but not the cold.
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2002
  15. dan deutekom

    dan deutekom Member
    Messages: 82

    Mathew You may be right. I am not up on my Jeeps. All these style jeeps had a lot of different names over the years. Just saw this one in the local autotrader.
  16. John DiMartino

    John DiMartino PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 2,154

    Danl,the old style cherokees were built stronger than the grand cherokee,they can take a plow,ive seen a lot of those with plows.The style grand cherokee he has was built from 93-98,and no one ever made a plow for it,
  17. Hmebuildr

    Hmebuildr Senior Member
    Messages: 115

    The difference being is that the vehicle in the picture has a frame while the other is a unibody
  18. dan deutekom

    dan deutekom Member
    Messages: 82

    Went to autotrader website. Now I know the difference between a cherokee, grand cherokee, wagoneer and grand wagoneer. I hate it when maunfactures use versions of the same name for completely different vehicles. I assume the cherokee and wagoneer are older jeeps with frames and the grand cherokee is the newer unitbody design. The grand wagoneer is either the old full size wagoneer in it's last years of production or a new unibody design. Learn something every day:p
  19. TLS

    TLS PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,425

    Then you have GM with the Blazer! For like 20 years they used to be a fullsize only, then came the S-10 Blazers, then came the Tahoe S-10's, then the Tahoe and Yukon fullsize, now the "new" trailBLAZER. Now you throw in the Yukon and Yukon XL (Suburban).....boy I have a headache!!!

    Nothing beats Jeep for changes though! They make a parts counter guy EARN his money!!! Only in a JEEP!!! Yeah right!
  20. cappaj1

    cappaj1 Junior Member
    from buffalo
    Messages: 22

    Thanks for all the posts. The Grand Cherokee Limited, which is what I have, is different than the Cherokee in the photo BUT I appreciate the photo none the less! Keep them coming.

    However, Snowbear makes a bolt on plow according to their charts I saw at Sam's and Lowes, for the 93-98 Grand Cherokee Limited.

    That's what I'm asking my questions about here. Web sites or photos for plows that will work with a 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited, unibody. Or of people that have already done it. Or some education about how the plow mounts to the vehicle, especially with photos. If a reese hitch can mount to the REAR of my unibody and pull 5000 pounds, I am hoping I can do something similar, bolt on/weld, combo to get a light plow on the front to push much less than 5000 pounds of snow.

    All suggestions are great - keep them coming. Although I can use the negative posts for useful information as well, I'm looking for some more positive posts. This site looks like it's full of experienced people; hopefully there are some out there with experience 'personal' plowing with a Unibody Jeep - please post any url's, example plows, photos, tips, etc.

    :) All I want to do is :

    1 Mount a plow around 300 pounds, preferably much less while in garage
    2 Back out of garage in 4x4 LO Reverse-2mph backwards pass down straight 150' driveway for no more than 2" of snow at a time - maybe with one of those rear plows in ADDITION to front plow.
    3 4x4 LO Forward slowly making single pass for 2" snow or less and drive it back into the attached garage - go back into house for Expresso or Cabernet while watching a DVD.
    4 Repeat every 2" in Jeep with heated seats, mirrors, leather, Hi Fi stereo CD cranked! Waive to curious passer-bys thinking "Is that a Grand Cherokee with a plow on it?"
    5 Remove plow back in garage after snow stops. Finish off any left over snacks.

    Of course, the one thing I left out is in between have some photo's taken to post on the new web site for the skeptics or other people with hi mileage Grand Cherokee Limiteds.

    Don't want removal/hookup to take more than 10-15 minutes.

    Will take precautions to reduce possiblity of hitting immovable objects - will travel SLOWLY - 5mph max - Straight driveway! Maybe theres a plastic plow/mount out that will 'flex' or give a little if all of a sudden a large tree pops up from underground rapidly out in the center of my driveway.

    Will only plow my driveway AND my dads's next door.

    So far the best tips on this site I've gotten have lead me to:
    -Meyers TM-6 steel plow - 360 lbs 'complete' - http://www.meyerproducts.com/plows/tm-6.html
    -Snoway Lexan 1872P/S - 238 lbs. - http://www.snoway.com/pages/products/predator/index.html
    -Curtis 1SP7 460lbs 7' poly - 'Hitch and Run' http://www.curtisplow.com/blade_specs.html
    -Daniels pull plow - http://www.danielsplows.com/
    -Snowbear SB50 Steel 'Bolt on' - no welding/drilling - 225 lbs. - http://www.snowbear.com/snowplow_features.html

    Looking for something that attaches like the snowbear, flexes and is light and is designed for 'Personal plowing' like the Snoway, quick mounting like the Curtis and Snowbear, and light like all of them including the Meyers. Anyone know of anything else out there? Or any diagrams showing where the mounts attach to the vehicle? Thanks again all!