How do New Chevy 2500 HD handle V-plows

I was just wondering if any one out there had a 2001 2500 HD yet. I was intrested to see how these trucks handle V-plows. My chevy now really squats when I lift my Boss V 8.5
I have a 94 2500 straight cab. So I would like to get one some day, but just wondering how much they stiffened up these new Bad Boys.
We have a 2000 Chev 2500 (non HD designation) with a Boss 8'2" RT III. It holds the weight fine, but we endeavored to put the kit on while retaining the plastic air dam under the bumper. As a result, I think we lost some lift ability because it does not lift as high as the same plow on our 2000 Chev (old style) diesel, by about 2".

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I havent seen one,but thee is a guy on the forum that had a 8ft fisher put on his new duramx 2500HD excab,and he said it squated it down a lot.I dont think much is changed as far as suspension on the HD's,so it should be the same as the older style trucks as far as sag.I seen 2 ratings on the front axle tags for the HD's.4250lb for reg and excabs,and 4800 for crew cabs.


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I just picked up our new 2001 Chevy 2500HD on Saturday. It has an 8.5 Fisher Straight Blade mounted on it. The truck does squat a bit, but not all that bad. It has the new Vortec6000 in it. We only made a few pasess with it around a few lots, not a lot of snow around to try it out, I will let you know how the truck does after the first full storm. Too bad I am not driving it, I have the 2000 Chevy 1-Ton dump with 9' blade and sander, the pickup will be used at the small commerical lots.


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1st year out. Using a 8ft Meyer on a 3/4 Chev.

What is the big deal with these V plows? I know I'm a little ignorant, but what can they do that my plow can't? (Don't laugh too hard)!

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Oh man V-plows are a must for a 1 truck opperation. Their scoop setting is where the time savings is. However a straight blade is still a productive way of moving snow.



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They really should rename the plows. V plow gives the wrong impression, scoop plow is a better name.Do a search under v plows and see what has been written. But since you own a meyer, you are better off you didnt buy a meyer v plow. Get some prowings for your plow, and it will help alot.
Hey look I recommended a product that I dont sell. HMMMMMM time to become a prowing dealer.LOL
Hi RB - about your question. Last night, I got a call to open a 700' gravel drive to a new home -- for the first time this year(14" on the ground). I went in the dark (a no - no, but I wanted to see it and sign them up for the winter before someone else scooped me). The drive was cut into a side hill, with about a 25% side slope and 10 percent slope up the driveway. There was also two tight corners to navigate.

I don't use the true vee position very much, but I just put the diesel in low range, vee'd the plow and snuck in, up the hill and around the corners. There was no sideways push from the plow, and no real worry about sliding off the road from the sideways action of the staight plow. There was a crust on the bottow (we have had a good, cold fall), so I would have had to lead-foot it abit with my old 8' - too dangerous now that I know better. Then there are all the other benefits that the other members here relate.

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