how do i bid for plowing?



Help how do I bid a plow job? I"v plowed for other companys but never for my own, i just bought a new 2000 gmc 2500 and have no plow to acompany it ,what kind of plow should I buy?I will be plowing res/com jobs,also some parking lots. help me please i have no clue? thanks


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If you have only one truck, get a v plow. Any brand will do, dealer support is more important than color of plow.
Next, find a contractor to sub for, rates should be around 50.00 and hour, and that wil get you used to commercial plowing. Its a little late in the year to start from ground zero with a new plowing business. Most of us have had our contracts out since early Sept at the latest and have all our routes and trucks set up. The only commercial properties that will be left are the slow or no pays,and less than desireable accounts.
also join
Members there will hold your hand through the learning process.


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Read posts here and ask a lot of questions. The members on this site ar very helpful. Buy a plow that has a good dealer close to you. A good bet would be to go with a proven name as your first and only plow. Maybe talk to the contractor you used to work for and see what he recommends.

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