How do f150s compare to f250s

How do f150s compare to the f250s for plowing. My friend does not have a lot of money and is considering purchasing a f150. He wants to know why f250s are better than the 150s. If you could help me it would be great!!

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I am a Ford nut and have the low down on fords and plow trucks:

F 150 can plow. However you must have the F 150 HD 7700 GVW, the old F 250 LD. You can plow with an F 150 LD but you will have a hard time finding a plow that won't void your warrenty, Fisher makes one who ever I don't think Ford Recomends one.

The 7700 GVW package for the F 150 is pretty expensive and adds some options that aren't needed, and I think you can only get it with XLT, just adding to the cost.

I would recomend an F 250 SD with the plow prep package. If your friend want's a diesel you can only get a regular cab. If he wants and extended cab you have to get a gas truck.

The cost for teh F 250 SD might be less than the F 150 LD, I am almost sure it is. So for the same cost if not less you get a truck with a sold front axel, and a true 3/4 ton truck that is much better for plowing.

Used trucks:

F 150s and Up all models 91 and older could take a plow.
F 150s 93-96 needed the 3800 GVW front end to plow with, all 250s and F 350s could plow.

97 No plow on F 150 Plow ok on F 250 LD F 250 HD and F 350
98 Plow on some F 150s F 250 LD and up ok
99 Plow on some F 150s F 250 LD's last year, F 350 and up plow ok. Diesels on regular cab only.
2000 Plow on F 150 7700 GVW and F 250 and up.

Now some dealers will warrenty an extended cab with diesel, I have yet to meet one that wouldn't. However Ford's doesn't have to warrenty extended cab with diesel, but most dealers will do it.

Hope this helps.

To answer your question the F 250 is a much better plow truck, however if the cost is less you can plow with the right model F 150 ( F 150 7700 gvw)


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