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How did everyone make out with this weekends storm

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by DIESELRAM30, Dec 6, 2003.


    DIESELRAM30 Member
    Messages: 53

    Just wanted to see how everyone made out with this weekends storm. If you have any snowflake destruction pics, a.k.a piling the snow, ramming piles, or just pics of your rig in action post them. Also any good plowing story will do. I myself got screwed this storm I sold my dodge ram 2500hd diesel and my 2003 8ft western ultra mount this past july and i was gonna buy a truck this up and coming week but this storm snuk up on me and i wasn't ready, so i made a last ditch effort to buy a truck on friday but i got screwed so i missed out on this storm. Which sucks cause i had to pay a friend to take care of my accounts for me so i didn't lose them, but i am going to get a new truck this week so i will be ready for the next shot of old man winter and i am gonna take him down. When i get pics of the new rig i will post them.:realmad: