How bout that big ice storm for NJ!!! HA

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yep. lets all give a big applause for the weather forecasters again. they were 100 percent wrong and caused a big panic as usual. theres snow predicted for monday. i wonder if they will have blizzard warnings posted tomorrow? these guys are jokes. just face it. you cant predict weather. only guess.

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Not NJ but Ny

Sorry it didnt make it that far.
We got hit last night with about 2 inches of snow, a couple inches of snow this morning, Headed out plowing and it turned to freezing rain. Gotta love getting hit by that stuff. Had the window cracked open and one flew directly into my eye (ouch). Eventually it turned to rain, making a real messy situation. Temps below freezing.
Power outages, signals out, trees and wires in the roads. No where for the water to go except in the road and basements. storm drains cloged by slush/ice. It could be a lot worse.

Had no problems pushing the heavy extremely wet stuff. :)

Mark Oomkes

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The thing that bugs me about the weather guessers is now thye start talking about El Nino next year. What is this weather called then? we're getting snow, nothing regular because it warms up significantly between each storm.

They couldn't predict this winter right, but now they're starting for next year already.

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What we are having now is just a plain old average winter, no special name. Except that most locations are far below average snow fall. And, the El Nino has already begun its start, so we are just about in what is considered a "Weak" El Nino, because it hasn't fully matured yet. Next year it will be fully developed & be called an El Nino season.

Hey they have to cut their losses at some point in a given season, why not start trying for next year? I mean why waste time & effort trying to accurately figure out what's going to happen tomorrow, when there's NEXT year to worry about LOL LOL LOL

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