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    yeah for sure. I have a ton of account but a friend referred this guy to me because he needed help. I have insurance and everything any ways because I need it for my business. I just don't think it's worth the price for wear and tear and to run all over for him. He pays that price for even someone that is a rookie. lol
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    The scary part about that statement is that it's pretty close. Every joe blow and their mother has a plow up here. very few with the correct insurance though... makes it hard for people going legit to make $$$. people driving prices down.
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    Hi all.
    Anyone from Mid Hudson Valley NY in here??
    New,Old guy trying to learn.
    Pricing,insurance etc.
    First truck and not going to put my ass on the line without lube!!
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    Thank you very much everyone for your informative messages!!
    Also, I'm trying to buy a snow spreader, but I don't have enough money to buy one of those big hopper spreaders. Do you guys recommend the tailgate spreaders? Home Depot has 400lbs around $1000.00 but I don't know if that's big enough for parking lots.. I don't have a lot customers now but I want to get something that I could use it for long term..
    Thanks in advance...
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    What brand spreader is it. Remember you get what you pay for and that's a lot cheaper than most normal tailgate spreaders.
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    It's iffy I think. I don't think that model has a vibrator or anything in it. Maybe someone else can give an opinion on that unit. What is the biggest area you have to salt this year? The high quality broadcast walk behind will throw a 18 foot pattern. They are like 350-500 bucks and will hold 100 pounds of salt. If you don't have big stuff to salt this year you could save 600 bucks over that tailgate spreader and put that money toward a V box next year?
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    I run one like this, for small lots on one of our small pickups. I have an older model can't remember the model number right now. Anyways if the salt is dry and doesn't get any moisture in it, it will work fine. The electric motor is another problem. All the road salt and slush gets right in the motor, be ready to buy a motor a year or two, depending how much you use it.. They cost a couple hundred bucks. I prefer a v box any day of the week, but they do have an advantage over a big v box. easy to store, can take it on and off quick and cheaper to buy.
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    Thank you! I'll get a walk behind this year hopefully make some $$ to update it
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    Hi ktftgb,
    Do you know how to send a private message on this website?
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    You just go to their profile and hit the start a conversation
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    But still it will be visible for others if they open your profile?
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    I don't think so. Not sure though

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    That is for sub work though, if you're pushing your own work you better be charging far more than that.
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    thought we had a way to pm?...maybe it was the old software?
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    Some excellent information in here.

    I have never subbed myself but I can tell you one thing, and I'm pretty sure we all can agree to this, the client always thinks it's too much. In fact I bet you could pay them to plow their lot and they would still say it costs too much.

    I have yet to find a customer that's a fan of the billing aspect, they all love the service though.

    As for the hourly discussion I have heard operators getting 35 an hour.
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    I used to get in trouble for giving this kind of advice........
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    Kind of goofy to get into trouble for giving that kind of advice... kinda part of what we are all here for.