You would only risk cracking the windsheild if it was really cold,and the fluid was really hot.Now granted,the unit is supposed to be used just for that purpose,so you don't have to warm up the engine to melt off the snow and ice.But I wouldn't use it that way.

It would be nice for keeping the ice buildup off the wiper blades,arms and edges off the windshield during plowing.The de-icer type fluid helps,but it won't melt it all.When plowing the windshield is slightly warmer from the heat in the cab,so I don't think you would ever crack it.My ram has the washer bottle mounted right at the side of the rad,on the shroud,and I even ducted a little more air past it,keeping the fluid warm.Makes a big difference for melting ice buildup on the windshield while plowing.

You could accomplish this by running a section a 1/4 steel line around the heater hose,or bypass hose,or even above the exhaust manifold.Run the windsheild washer fluid threw this to pre-heat it some.It would have the same effect

Those electric units aren't all that cheap either.A few feet of tubing and a few zip ties might be a lot cheaper :)

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