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I took my plow out of storage and to the shop today. I drove with it for about 15 minutes, then it sat in the float position for about an hour and a half. The plow was on the ground, in the float position, but the keypad switch was on.
BTW The plow in question is a Meyer, with an E60 pump.

When I went to take the blade off, I felt the coil, the one with the black wire, I think it is the one for the up/down. THe coil was hot to touch. The wire was not hot, just the coil. THe other two were not hot.

My question, is this normal? If not, what should I look for to repair?


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I'd say thats normal,after having power run through it for 1.5hrs on a hot summer day.This is assuming it is not connected to switched power,and if its not it should be.Could save you a dead battery.Still might want to clean up the celenoids.

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