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hot acc. wire for western install

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by racer0175, Nov 9, 2002.

  1. racer0175

    racer0175 Member
    Messages: 43

    i just bought a brand spankin new western ultramount plow system....i have looked over most of the directions and am in the process of installing the under-carriage now....it says for the wiring harness to splice into a hot (accecessory) wire for the harness....where is this located under the hood?

    also, i don't have the prep package on this truck....it is a 99 chevy silverado 1500 z71...i have the towing package too...

    the one thing i don't have is the hole in the firewall, into the cab for the controls....i was thinking of poking a hole in this huge rubber grommet...there are wires going thru it, but seems to be alot of room for the control wire...what do you guys think, because it looks like hell to drill a hole....

    any info would be appreciated....
  2. SnoJob67

    SnoJob67 Senior Member
    Messages: 384

    It seems that you would be best off to go through that grommet if you won't risk damaging anything. Try feeding it through and make your decision then. :) A little dishsoap will help the wiring slide thru the grommet if it does end up being a tight squeeze.

    Just be really careful not to damage your wiring that goes through the existing grommet, of course. If you go that route, I'd use some silicone caulk or something similar to seal that grommet again once you have the whole setup installed and confirm it is working correctly.

    Someone else might tell you not to think of messing with it. But from a commonsense standpoint, I would think it could be done from what you have described.

    Also, if you do end up drilling a hole elsewhere on the firewall, I'd go to the hardware store knowing what diameter hole I drilled and get an appropriate sized grommet to prevent the wires from possibly chafing when they vibrate on the metal.
  3. Garagekeeper

    Garagekeeper Senior Member
    Messages: 459

    Hole In Firewall

    I would try and run the harness thru the grommet that is already there too. But in the event that you have to use the one that was supplied with your plow drill the hole out as per the instructions and "paint" the sides of the hole before you run the wires into the truck. You may find that it's easier to install the wires thru the grommet first an then run the wires into the truck and roll the edge of the grommet into the hole.:rolleyes: John
  4. racer0175

    racer0175 Member
    Messages: 43

    thanks....i think i will go thru the existing grommet...there is like an inch to work with....will definetly be careful though....

    does anyone know where to spice for hot (ingnition on) wiring....i have one connection to make and i don't have a clue where to do it....
  5. paul soccodato

    paul soccodato Senior Member
    Messages: 430

    im not sure if your truck has it, but you used to be able to hook up directly to a terminal in the fusebox. take a look.
    or if you want you can run a wire directly from the battery. just make sure you put an inline fuse and you use the right wire size. it will have constant power, but you can turn the control stick on/off (i like that you can move the plow with the ignition off, sometimes helps with mounting/dismounting.
  6. NoStockBikes!!

    NoStockBikes!! Senior Member
    Messages: 213

    Aha! This I can help with, just went through the same process (Ultramount on an '02)

    I drilled the smallest hole in the firewall I could fit the plug through, and used an extra ruber grommet (just like you use on the plow light wiring portion, split grommet in the slots). Sealed it up very nicely. For the power, I tapped into a green wire coming out of a plug harness (about 6 wires or so?) on the lef thand side of the fusebox on the side of the dashboard. The orange wire in that plug is/was always hot, but the green one was only hot when the key was on. I tested by turning the controller on and just touching the wire in alongside where ti connected to the harness. "on light" obvioiusly meant power, so I just tied in with the red scotch-lock they sent in the wiring kit.
  7. racer0175

    racer0175 Member
    Messages: 43

    thanks guys you are awesome....i had alittle trouble getting the driverside undercarriage on, and i was worrying about this wire....but now i'm good to go....

    i like both ideas about hooking it up, either to acc. power, and the battery....i'm wondering if you forget to turn off the switch, would anything drain the battery?...are any solenoids powered, say if you leave in on in float?
  8. paul soccodato

    paul soccodato Senior Member
    Messages: 430

    by accident ive left mine on for days and had no problems.
    just by the joystick being on, the solenoids are not getting power(just when you move the joystick).
  9. sonjaab

    sonjaab PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,425

    RACER....Look uner the master cyl....You might have
    the 42mm hole already there even if you don't
    have plow prep pkg...... You can pick up power
    from the fuse box under hood or from the battery.
    Check a new GM truck at the dealer to see exactly
    where the hole is/or should be..........geo
  10. racer0175

    racer0175 Member
    Messages: 43

    i looked everywhere for that hole, but i dont see it.

    if the master cyl. was a clock is it at about 4-5 o'clock?...i can see a dimple that might mark a drill location.
  11. Arc Burn

    Arc Burn PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,141

    I believe your looking for a cut away hole,it it is sealed put kind of perforated,or half cut,i believe you could finish the cut with a utility knife,correct me if i am wrong guys,but what i am thinking about is on the firewall behind the E-brake,you have to get in there and look straight up,once again i do not believe your looking for an existing hole,you have to finish cutting it out.
  12. Jerre Heyer

    Jerre Heyer Senior Member
    Messages: 948

    Drill the hole already!!

    Racer, Here's the scoop from the install shop ( that's why some people pay us to do the job ) You have a pre '03 cheve/gmc no hole below the master cyl. That was added for '03 by the factory after lot's of complaints from body and plow installers.

    The dimple you are talking about should correspont to a piece of foam backed material inside the cab by the fuse box. Drill a 5/8 hole there and install the wire and grommet. You problem is solved. You can put it throught the other grommet as discussed or make life easy. You remove the fender brace and the covering for the fuse panel on some units to gain drill access from under the hood.

  13. sonjaab

    sonjaab PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,425

    BE CAREFUL......Drilling......My 01 with plow prep pkg.
    had the hole drilled already ! My buds 02 also.......
    Too busy today to look exactly WHERE factory hole
    is near master cyl.....From memory it is about at the
    7 oclock position right side bottom of master cyl. !
    WILL CHECK to be sure and post ! My 94 & 97 GMs
    I had to drill Hole above gas pedal on a flat spot !
  14. sonjaab

    sonjaab PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,425

    RACER.....Scroll down to the Chevy truck forum
    here. Look for "aux. light switch post" It has a
    link to GM upfitter. With complete pix and all
    the info. you might need. You need abobe reader
    tho to print it out 7 pages.......Will check out
    my factory hole shortly...Raining cats & dogs here.
  15. sonjaab

    sonjaab PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,425

    RACER......ME DUMB DUMB quoting from memory !
    Factory hole is on the left side of the master cyl !
    Measure 3 inches over left from bottom edge corner
    of metal plate that master cyl. is mounted on !
    There will be a dimple there or even a rubber plug.
    Sorry for the confusion !..................geo
  16. racer0175

    racer0175 Member
    Messages: 43

    sonjaab.....lol....i was looking from underhood, and you were looking from inside....:D

    well i just wanted you all to know after many hours of work, my plow works great..and all the lights work too!!!!

    i drilled the hole from the inside and used a grommet...i found power by luck....i didn't realize that there was a box right inside by your left foot, but when i was feeding the wire through the hole it got stuck in that box....i had to take off the cover to get the wires out and lo and behold...all sorts of places to get power...talk about complicating something....:eek:

    thanks again for everyone helping me...