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Stamford, CT
OK, many of you know I work at a Hospital (well at least today, but then again the day isn't over yet)

Here is my situation. Being a hospital we need our lots black and wet 24/7 /7 days a week during the winter season.

Our current contractor has done a very good job the last several years. However, we have had a management change here in the last month and we (my department) are now being managed by an international outsourced management company.

They want us to bid out the snow removal.
For as many years as we have been contracting out our snow removal the hospital has always requested/ required that it be done on an T/M basis. Hourly rates for trucks/equipment and laborers and price per application of ice melt material.

The logic being that if it didn't snow we didnt pay anything, except maybe some ice melt costs.

My question is does anyone out there manage or snow removal Hospitals / medical centers and would you be willing to contact me and help me by perhaps sharing a template of your bid package or specs so I can write a set for this complex.

I have plowed this place myself for years and have plowed other comercial lots. But never needed to write specs for a job like this. And I am not ashamed to ask my fellow Plowsite members for help and advice.

I would like my current Snow removal contractor to retain the contract, as he has always given us excellent service, but these new people require minimum of three bids, and I am not sure whether they are willing to pay a seasonal price. I think a per push price would be too difficult to track since we have vehicles here literally from the first snow flakes until the lots are clear and wet. We are a 300 bed hospital on approx 20 acres. Parking lot handles approximately 1500 cars, However, we also have two other sites around town that are smaller and easier to price out per push because they are not open 24/7 or 7 days a week. We are hoping to award the contract to one contractor instead of using three as we are now.

Any ideas ladies and gentlemen?

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