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Horn not working...

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by Razzlo, Jun 19, 2001.

  1. Razzlo

    Razzlo Member
    Messages: 33

    '84 C10. I replaced the steering wheel and I think I shorted out the horn. The fuse is OK and I replaced the horn relay, but with no success. I am thinking there is a fuseable link somewhere, but cannot find it. I am tired of using 'hand gestures' :eek:
    Any suggesstions would be helpful. Thanks.
  2. 85w/350

    85w/350 Senior Member
    Messages: 190

    I just bypassed mine and hooked the horn directly to the battery and put a button on it(inspection purposes)...because i tried all the stuff you mentioned...if anyone could help i might wire mine back into the steering wheel myself
  3. raceman6135

    raceman6135 Member
    Messages: 61

    Here's a couple of things to look for:

    1) Make sure the plunger for the horn button moves freely. It's not uncommon for the little aluminum button to be reinstalled incorrectly (I've done that myself).

    2) Did any wires get pinched when you replaced the steering wheel? Usually this will blow the fuse if it gets stripped bare and grounds out, but not always.

    3) How far along the circuit do you have power? Use a test meter or test light to find out if you have power coming out of the relay, and then at the base of the steering column (at the connector). You might also want to run a jumper right from the horn to the battery to make sure the horn itself works. Could be a coincidence, but horns don't last forever.

    Hope you find the problem!
  4. Razzlo

    Razzlo Member
    Messages: 33

    The relay, horn, and fuse are all OK. But it is 'dead' from the connector on the steering column to the relay. That's why I thought it was a Fuseable link. There is power to the realy, and, the cig. lighter has constant power, as this is in the same circuit as the horn. I will not be able to look at it again until Sat. But if anyone knows if there is a F/L from the realy to the steering column, please let me know.


  5. bummerkit

    bummerkit Member
    Messages: 38

    i dont think that this will help you but i thought it was kind of funny. the horn in my 80 blazer didnt work so i started looking for the problem and there was dust and dirt packed inside the dust seals. go figure huh?