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a friend took me to his buddys house last week to have some welding done on my truck and when we got there this guy had 3 walk behind snowplows sitting in his front yard for sale. This guy makes them out of sheet steel and angle iron
welds them together himself puts gas engines with hydro drive systems( like a 0 turn walk mower )on them and sells them for $1300.00-$2000.00, craziest thing i have ever seen
but they work!he sells about 20 a year

anyways, if you have something similar to this let me know how you like it, i am thinking about getting one, or even making one myself


I had one mad for a walk behind mower. It turned a 7 hour snowblower job into a 2.5 hour walk in the park. I still havent tried it in big snow though.

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Blades and blowers both have their place in snow removal. I have both for my 430 John Deere. The blade is 54" wide, the two stage blower is 48". When the blade is angled, they are about the same width, but in 6" or less snow, the blade is much faster. I can plow at 12 MPH, but you can only blow snow at about 3 to 6 MPH, depending on the depth.

If the snow is deeper than 6", the blower is faster, because you are cleaning off 48" at a time. When you are using the blade in deeper snow, your only cleaning about 24" or less, because of having to over lap so much to prevent run off.

It takes more traction to push snow than to blow snow, so weigh it all out before deciding. I have both which is the ultimate, I feel. I use a Unitach System, which both the PTO driven blower and the blade both fit on the same mount that has hydraulic lift, down pressure, and angle. Can't forget the hydraulic motor to run the direction chute on the blower, my favorite part of that blower. :) We use this along with the truck to do push off driveways. It's a nice combo.


Plow kid, any chance you could post some pictures of those things?
Where is he getting the hydro drive setup? Sounds like a pretty good deal with hyro drive.Between that and the motor that's a pretty good chunk of money.
I'd like to make a dual purpose machine like that for a motorized wheelbarrow in summer and be able to put a blade on it too, sounds good in theory anyway:)

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