Holy ice storm Batman!!!

SlimJim Z71

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Cary, IL
What a day. Woke up at 4am to go out and salt. Walking out to my truck, almost fell on my butt. Jumped up into the back of my truck to load salt, fell on my butt. Turned down my street, got to the stop sign, ABS kicked in as soon as my foot hit the pedal... swore, dropped the plow, and aimed for a snow pile.

Main roads were okay, but the side roads were a whole 'nother story. Stopped to let a car out of the townhouse complex I do, and while I was stopped, my truck started sliding off the road. This was a new one for me.

Got to Motorwerks, there was a van sideways in the entrance unable to turn, just sliding around. Got past him, started pulling up to the gate, again ABS kicked in right away, again put the plow down and hoped for the best. Hit the curb pretty hard, but no damage done.

3000-lbs. of hand-loaded salt later, the lot was clear. Round 2 tomorrow morning.



Here in Ann Arbor, MI it was terrible as well. I went outside at about 8 am, took two steps out of the building, and fell. I got up, took a few more steps, and saw someone else fall in the same location I did. People were slipping and falling like crazy. It was like watching a cartoon. The sidewalks were a mess, although the roads looked to be ok.

I can tell ya, I was so happy to see grounds services spreading a salt/sand mix on the sidewalks. It definately gave some traction to the walks.


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Central CT
Here in southern new england its expected to start raining late enough Tuesday morning that freezing rain, if any, will quickly change to plain rain for the day with temps in the 40s.

Be careful. I washed my truck the other day (at the curb) temp was high 30s and no problem in the sun but where the shadow of the truck cast, the spray froze to the cold ground almost instantly.


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Tim, It sounds like you found another use for your plow.
Plow,- anchor, giant brake pad, big bumper.
You can say that again eskals,
same thing happend to me i could not walk two steps without falling down i look kind of strange falling all the time while i was salting the side walk. Got some strange looks too!?LOL

Big Nate's Plowing

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Toledo Oh Hi Oh
can you get a ticket for sliding thru a stop sign?

my speedo said 0 mph and all 4 were locked does that count?, woke up at 8, went out to the truck and i had a dead battery, called kirk to have him come over to give me a jump, i see him come tearing down the road and as he tries to stop he takes out my mailbox and smudges his right front quarter panel into the tree in our side yard,all said and done, he gives me a jump and we go and do my salting.

Cant wait for tomorrow,
maybe he will have matching quarter panels



My lips started to drool early this afternoon, the snowflakes were falling, the phone started ringing.

Five minutes later, no snow all melted, still got calls for salt. I just stocked piled a few tons after the heads up from John A. (Thanks John) all in bags just in case the price went through the roof.

Price of salt went up .05 cents I think, but every one was out, so I sold a little.

Still waiting to plow, maybe tomarrow.

Maybe you need a urathane edge, might help you stop better :)


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Central CT
"can you get a ticket for sliding thru a stop sign? "

The cop has a choice, one for running a stop sign, one for driving too fast for conditions, or both.