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hoiw much do you pay for salt and how much do you charge to spread it?

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by zippoz, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. zippoz

    zippoz Member
    Messages: 64

    just curious, one of the people i was working for on a tenative basis wanted me to spread about 3 25lb bags for $10, i thought it was ridiculous. just cutrious to what you all charge?
  2. Runner

    Runner Senior Member
    Messages: 957

    I pay around 3 something (low 3's) for for 80# bags and get $15 per bag, spread.
  3. RON66106

    RON66106 Member
    Messages: 53

    I would charge at least a 100% mark up. The smaller the job the harder it is to make money. I buy my salt in bulk for a v box spreader which is cheaper but I need to stay away from concrete so I don't dammage it. I am limited to paved parking lots and driveways but there are plenty of them out there. If I am doing a medium to large lot it's hard to look at it and tell if there is 2 tons of salt on it or say 1500 and sometimes I cheat a little (when mother nature allows me too) and end up with a few hundred pounds still in the spreader which allows me to spread some small lots with leftover salt and up my profit. It doesn't always work out like that but I seize the moment when I can.
    Bagged salt is hard to make money on if you can afford it try American salt.com
    you will need to buy it by the pallet and store it in the garage or someplace dry. The price is what every retail store pays and you cut them out of the deal. Maybe find some other people in your area and all of you go in and buy a sizable quantity and split it. That would help everyone out. There are several places out there to buy salt and try doing a search on the Internet to find one close to you. The place I get my salt from is a trucking company. (go figure)They ship it in by rail and sell FIRST COME FIRST SERVE they weigh you in and out. They don't care if you load it in a truck trailer or large trash cans. $43.00 a ton How much would bagged salt cost by the ton? Your whole business should be based on production rate. How much can you spread in an hour. This business is hard to make money at and you need to up your profits when you can. I have spread 3 bags of salt for $10 before but the person was supplying the salt. I have worked jobs and thought I was loosing money until those people called me later and had me do another job for them. You never can tell what will happen just keep in mind it's not how big the dog is in the fight but how much fight is in the dog. My saying is I'll fight to the last breath if I know I'm right.
    We are all striving for the same thing "INDEPENDENCE" just the other day I was plowing a bank parking lot and here comes the manager from the jiffy lube next door he wanted me to plow his lot for a oil and filter change!!!!!!!!! What kind of fool do you think I am? was my reply I'm making $120 an hour to plow and you want me to cut my rates in half? He called me an a** hole so when I finished the bank I slipped next door and plowed the restaurant next to his jiffy lube ( guess where I piled the snow) for a breakfast plate. I loved eating breakfast and watching someone I just Fu**** loose there cool. Well thats enough rambling for now. If you need some more ideas just pm me and give me you phone # and a time to call and I'll help anyway I can. Hang in there and do what you can to make the Almighty dollar. Ron
  4. DJL

    DJL Senior Member
    Messages: 343

    hope you paid your insurance. Soon as somebody slips and falls on the snow you stacked in there parking lot they'll be coming after you. Somebody else just might have the last laugh and you'll be the one to get "f-d". :eek:
  5. avalancheplow

    avalancheplow Senior Member
    Messages: 265

    I pay $12.00 per 50# bag and charge $25.00 for it spread.
  6. RON66106

    RON66106 Member
    Messages: 53

    like i SAID (when MOTHER NATUER PERMITS) all you need to do is read.
  7. RON66106

    RON66106 Member
    Messages: 53

    Read my profile I've done this longer than you have been on earth and never been sued. People on this post want to learn not listen to B.S If you don't know what your saying then just read.
  8. RON66106

    RON66106 Member
    Messages: 53

    Why would someone walk over a pile of Snow when they have a totaly clean lot or path to walk? Dahh? That speaks for itself! I have been taken to court several times but people seem to hang themselves every time.
    My insurance is paid but the most important thing is my attorney is always paid,
    Let them kick me off this board the fact still remains I have done this kind of work and seen more law changes than most and if you look at the things I've got and paid for you would still in your stupid little mind wounder how.
    Here is a piece of advise "DO LESS BROADCASTING AND MORE TUNING IN"
  9. DJL

    DJL Senior Member
    Messages: 343

    Right, I forgot, sorry. the "nothing will ever happen to me routine". :rolleyes:

    To the original poster, sorry for ruining your post with meaningless ramble in response to my reply. You will learn on this site to filter out the garbage advice and real BS from thread to thread.
  10. deluxeco

    deluxeco Senior Member
    Messages: 115

    Lets see 46 started in 1968 hmmm 11 a bit young for drivin' a plow truck? :confused:
  11. DJL

    DJL Senior Member
    Messages: 343

    come on already, he invented the rubberbands and bricks method so he could reach the pedals and the booster seat to see over the wheel.
  12. RON66106

    RON66106 Member
    Messages: 53

    Good ones guys Actualy I started with my dads push mower mowing lawns and shoveled snow in the winter.