Hoisting a blade


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Fort Wayne,IN
When I went to pick up my new (used) Western, the grounds workers had gone home early so there wasn't anyone there to help. Getting that 8' blade (A frame attached) into the back of my dump was a real MF'er!! Guy at the shop didn't believe me!!:drinkup:


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Just be glad it wasn't a Vee!!!

Cause you don't just put them in the bed of a truck!

I've done it twice before by myself with Meyer St-90's.

How's your back?


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New Jersey
I put my old style 8' fisher in the back of a truck before by myself.
Busted my ass but with a little ingenuity it went smoothly.


Long Island, NY
A little off topic, but ...
How about getting a 2 yard V-box into the back of your pickup by yourself when it slipped off the blocks it was on and was hanging on the rear by about 8 inches???
Did that two nights ago ...
Lucky the only thing that relly got messed up was the rear deflector plate.


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KLMlawn, I did that earlier this year with my Fisher ProCaster. Pretty worried until I got it back on the flatbed :( .

Now when it's off the truck it's sitting on two 4x4s and held by a chainfall.


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Last year I ripped my unimount on my S-10 off when i snagged something under the snow.

Had to unhook it and put it into the bed be myself at 3am.

Luckily it was on my last job for the storm

I was backing up and caught the blade on something under the snow(not meant to take that kind of hit in reverse).



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Somerset, NJ
My Fisher Pro Flo 2 spreader fell off the back of one of my trucks yesterday, loaded (mounting bracket broken). My guy shoveled it all out of the hopper & back into the bed of the pick up. I was on my way to help him put the spreader into the bed. However, a guy at a house near there told his wife "there ain't no way he's gettin' that in there". When he heard that he was just ticked enough to get the spreader up on top of a pallet of salt in the back of the pick up and bungied down. I passed him on the way & when we stopped I said "Oh somebody stopped to help?". His story made me laugh enough to get over losing the spreader for the rest of the night. I'll have to test him next time with a V-box so he can be like KLM ;)

I tried to put an 8' Meyer's C8 into the bed of a truck 2 years ago, but it had been a long couple of days & the plow won. I opted for calling in some help & waited for another truck to arrive LOL. ST-90's are no problem though.

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